Three YouTube Watch / Timepiece Accounts To Follow In 2022

Three YouTube Watch / Timepiece Accounts To Follow In 2022

Over the past few years we have put out a lot of content about Instagram accounts to follow, however we haven’t had a lot of YouTube watch related accounts spotlighted on the blog. So, today we are going to show you three YouTube accounts we love to watch. I do think you're going to be surprised by who we focus on.

First off, YoureTerrific. This particular YouTuber has been a watch guy for quite some time. He was a consistent watchuseek forum user from way back, his Instagram account is amazing and has been just crushing the video watch game recently. A fan of everything from micro brands to mainstream watch brands to high-end horology. The guy is a fountain of knowledge. Last spring I had the pleasure of meeting Evan (YoureTerrific’s actual name) at the San Francisco Windup Watch Fair. The guy was a dream and his sense of humor really comes out in his videos. He is a must follow, plus he gives off the best vibe in general.

Next up is Teddy Baldassarre. This gentleman has become a sensation on YouTube. His videos are getting a lot of views and his following is growing at a rate that is shocking, however he is super down to earth. A midwesterner that shares his opinion in an honest way. Never cutting or hurtful if he isn't into something, but also only gushes over a watch if it truly blows his mind. He covers every watch related price point. Expect to see a group of low cost, value driven watches in one video and followed by a review of the Rolex OP and then off to an A. Lange and Sohn that are impossible to acquire. Frankly, the diversity on his channel is impressive. He has had guests such as Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank to the CEO of Tissot on his videos, so he is one to take seriously. His content has a good depth to it and he doesn’t take a penny for his work. Expect to enjoy his videos.

Lastly, Jenni Elle. This particular YouTuber is a female German watch reviewer that produces frankly beautiful video content. She does all of her videos in English and covers mostly mid to higher end watches. She commonly focuses on Rolex, Tudor and the uber popular and mainstream brands. However her channel doesn't really aim to go into all aspects of the watch world, she really just covers what she likes. She very honestly covers both her likes and dislikes of each watch that she reviews. She is extremely knowledgeable and truly knows watches. That being said, she is adorable and enjoyable to watch on screen. She is giddy over the watches featured on her channel, which makes it fun to watch her talk about them. Frankly, she is so positive and because of that her account has quickly risen to major popularity in the watch game.

Obviously this is a pretty small list of YouTubers creating content related to watches but there are so many more out there. This writer is on the move a lot and with three kids at home and I do not get the time to really dig into this entire world of video social media related to watches. So do not be afraid to note watch YouTubers in the comments below that you think just crush it. Share the knowledge fellow watch guys!

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