Three great Rubber strap looks for your Rolex in 2022

Three great Rubber strap looks for your Rolex in 2022

There are a lot of Everest look alike rubber straps on the market today, however none should go on your Rolex except Everest. Ten years ago when we were first to the market for rubber straps for your Rolex, our goal was to simply make the best rubber watch band ever. Over the last decade Everest has continued to focus on simply making the best of everything, still aiming especially hard at making the best watch strap for a Rolex owner. So as we enter 2022, we take a look at what we do today and what is to come in the near future! 

First, if you are a GMT Master II owner we have always had your back since the beginning. Here are a few examples of rubber straps that use a Rolex style deployant clasp on a GMT Master II Ceramic. Notice the perfect case connection? That is achieved because every rubber watch strap that we mold has a permanently embedded ABS plastic insert that is molded specifically to your Rolex case. This allows for a tight fit to your Rolex case, but is quite easy to install on your watch head.

Second, if you are a Rolex Submariner owner (ref: 116610 or other variants) then we have you covered as well. We love the Submariner, but honestly who doesn't? So it was truly a labor of love when we created our rubber strap for a Rolex Submariner owner. Below you will find Submariner images of the Everest Rubber Strap With Tang Buckle. The buckle is made using the highest quality 316L stainless steel and the rubber is molded and compounded in Switzerland by the finest rubber strap manufacturers in the world. Expect perfection. 

Lastly, there have been a lot of newly released Rolex Submariners floating around. Right now it is by far the most requested rubber watch strap for a Rolex that we are getting. The Submariner was redesigned and re released in 2020 by Rolex. Since its debut we have been working hard to create something that will be an improvement from previous generations of Everest rubber watch bands. We are using a new FKM rubber compound that should improve comfort and is just as hypoallergenic as before. Additionally, the underside of the strap has been redesigned to improve airflow. This will help moisture escape better than before, when you swim or do a sporty activity with your watch on.

When it comes to purchasing a rubber strap for your Rolex look no farther than our collection page. Everest has won all the reviewer awards and accolades, has ten years of experience making specialty straps with the best Swiss manufacturers, and sold hundreds of thousands of watch straps. But don’t take our word, study the thousands of actual customer reviews that have given us five stars and love them. Look at our Instagram page with thousands of actual customer pictures. Our best advertisement for your choice of rubber strap in 2022, is our incredibly loyal and loved customer base. Happy New Year and take your Rolex anywhere with Everest. 

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