Three Great Rubber Strap Looks For Your Explorer II Ref: 16750

Three Great Rubber Strap Looks For Your Explorer II Ref: 16750

Recently I was able to purchase a Rolex Explorer II Reference 16570. If you are in the market for a steel sports Rolex, I really suggest this one. The prices on the second hand market range quite a bit but I found this one for around $9000.00. I felt it was a deal for sure! Of course I want to keep the bracelet in great condition so I began to look at different strap options we offer to keep that bracelet in tip top shape.

First off, gotta go gray rubber. The gray rubber strap that we offer accents the steel from Rolex flawlessly. It doesn’t matter if you are a tang rubber or a deployant fan, we offer this color of rubber in both. This combination is somewhat muted and frankly goes with anything in your closet. If you are heading to the beach with your Explorer II, then you will have it made in the shade. Heading to dinner out with that special someone? Gray rubber will go perfectly with your fresh polo from Ralph Lauren. Frankly, this next to black rubber this is one of the most versatile color options we have.

Rolex explorer on everest rubber strap

Next up is our blue rubber strap color. Ok - I know what you are thinking…this watch doesn't have any blue on it. However, for some reason it just works. James Stacey from Hodinkee rocks this look and it is fire. I love that it gives the watch a completely different look and feel. A fresh take on the classic style of the Explorer II, with a colorway that just works. Blue is the new black right?

Blue rubber strap on James stacey rolex

Lastly, I really feel that leather straps these days are just not getting enough love. Our tan steel end link leather has been a staple in the collection for almost six years now! The Swiss team that constructs these straps is second to none and the leather we purchase from Italy is so high quality. It is a vegetable tanned leather that matches Rolex’s status in the watch industry. Somehow this strap and this watch were made for each other. The vintage vibe of the strap material and the 16570 mesh so well. I am suggesting this for the summer but it really is a whole year look.

Leather on Rolex explorer

Everest specializes in finding the perfect look for your Rolex or Tudor. We really want to offer something that others do not, and you should always expect Swiss quality with us. We are watch collectors who deliver what we were looking for for our own Rolex watches. Check out the entire collection for your Rolex Explorer II here. If you have a newer Explorer II (ref. 216570), shop here.

steel end link leather strap on rolex explorer II

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