Three great Looks for the Explorer, Yacht-Master and Sea Dweller

Three great Looks for the Explorer, Yacht-Master and Sea Dweller

The Rolex Explorer, Yacht-Master and Sea Dweller each tell a different story, yet are all similar in certain ways. Rolex makes each of their models for a specific purpose, whether that is diving, climbing or boating, but in today's world, they can be worn as a fashion statement or to compliment your look. Everest Bands make these models even more versatile, giving you the option to change the bracelet to a rubber, leather or nylon band to change your look for any occasion or activity. We are going to take a look at each of these models to see what the best looks really are for different occasions. 

leather rolex watch band

The Rolex Explorer I was released in 1953 and originally designed for climbing expeditions. With its black dial and luminous easy to read numerals, this watch was perfect in any light and temperature condition. Today, this simple design watch is still great for exploring and climbing but is also a great piece for weekends with guys/girls or black tie events. My favorite casual look with the 214270 is a black rubber band. This is also a great band to go climbing with, so you do not scratch the bracelet. If you own the Explorer II 16550 or 16570, the red rubber band is an amazing pop of color that brings out that red GMT hand. If you are more for neutrals, the grey rubber band on either of those models is the way to go. Now for the weddings, dinner parties or work events you have to attend, the original bracelet is always a safe bet. If you dare to be different, or want a vintage look, our tan leather band on the 214270 is *chefs kiss*.

best look for your rolexYacht-Master
Released in 1992, the Yacht-Master was designed as a tool for sailing. My favorite model is the 116622, but I have a hard time deciding between the blue or rhodium dial. The rhodium dial is beautiful on its original bracelet, but switch it to a grey rubber band, and you are ready to set sail or hang out on the beach with a drink in your hand. The blue dial looks amazing with the blue nylon band for a sporty look, or with the blue leather band for an evening dinner. If you own a model with a silver dial and red hand, the red bi-color band is a great casual look with a slight pop of color. 

rolex watch band

Sea Dweller 
The Sea Dweller was released in 1967 as a diver's watch. Designed to withstand 2,000 ft underwater, this model was the ultimate diver's watch at the time and still is today with the DeepSea Sea Dweller, that can withstand up to 12,000 ft underwater. While the Sea Dweller does its best work underwater, it is a showstopper on land too. Our black racing leather band with white stitching is a perfect combination of sporty and classy on the 16600. For the 116660 with the deep blue dial, the blue rubber band is a perfect match. For those nicer occasions you can stick with the original bracelet, or try the black leather alligator band to really make the watch stand out. 

rubber watch band

 These models are all great on their own, but switch the band to a rubber, leather or nylon strap, and you are sure to make a statement. Shop all our straps here

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