This Week's #everestman is @GusMeanTime!

patek philip and yachtmaster

We’re back for another #everestman episode with @GusMeanTime.

We always want to know what led our #watchfam members into the unique hobby of being intrigued by watches. @GusMeanTime got his love of watches from his father who always picked up watches like swatchs for @GusMeanTime and his brother growing up. @GusMeanTime notes: “That’s how I fell in love with them and it’s been like that ever since.” How awesome that such a passion can be passed down from father to son!

rolex watch pouch

The first watch he purchased himself was a Guess Jeans chronograph (and we wonder if he still has it). Scrolling through his Instagram, you can find many more models, so we can only assume his collection has grown throughout the years - something all watch enthusiasts strive for.

We can’t help but ask the question - Favorite Rolex? @GusMeanTime loves his 16710 GMT Master II Coke Bezel as it was his first Rolex. Of course, his father is always encouraging his watch love and gifted this particular special timepiece to @GusMeanTime on his 21st birthday. With this phenomenal present, his father told him “Here’s your last real birthday present as you are old enough now to buy your own stuff.” (too bad...).

ceramic gmt jubilee bracelet

So, @GusMeanTime’s most recent watch investment? The MONTA Atlas on pre-order! (Great choice!). You definitely have to check out the new models MONTA just released at Baselworld  here.

monta watch atlas

@GusMeanTime’s works as a luxury car general sales manager and finds that his everyday essentials include a wallet, keys and pistol - other than a timepiece on his wrist of course!    

yachtmaster rolex strap

@GusMeanTime’s ideal vacation destination is Las Vegas or as he notes Las “VeGus!” The food choices and shopping are what draws @GusMeanTime there. We’re wondering what next model he’s put his eye on - maybe his next trip to “VeGus” will bring back a new model for his collection. @GusMeanTime noted he would love to see Rolex offer more 38 or 39mm sports models as 36mm is too small, and 40mm is slightly too big for his wrist.

skyquest monta watch

We’re always looking for feedback from the esteemed watch community, so we’re always asking - What would you like Everest to come out with in the future? @GusMeanTime is looking for the new Blue, Green and Gray colors to be offered in the deployant style. He’s also put in a word for the Omega watch enthusiasts and requested we expand to their models. We’ll definitely be passing these awesome suggestions along to our designers.

blue rubber belt on yachtmaster

One of the most highly debated questions saved for last: What are you - a bracelet or a strap guy? @GusMeanTime notes that he’s definitely more of a strap guy now. With an Everest Band on his wrist, he doesn’t have to worry about scratching his bracelet while wearing it. Also, @GusMeanTime notes: “They are more comfortable, and best of all, I love the look.” Your combos look great @GusMeanTime!

blue rubber strap on yachtmaster rolex

Don’t forget to follow @GusMeanTime as he expand his watch collection and keeps shooting great shots! And, keep an eye out for the next #everestman could be you! Contact our marketing team at



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