This Leather Watch Wallet Is A Rolex Lovers Dream Accessory

This Leather Watch Wallet Is A Rolex Lovers Dream Accessory

Back in what now feels like the good old days, if you were super lucky, you may have received a leather watch pouch as a “gift with purchase” of your Rolex or Tudor watch. Back in those good old days watches were readily available in Rolex boutiques, and so long as you had the money, you could purchase one and take it home that day. It was, for many, a very memorable experience. 

image of rolex leather watch pouch

Unlike some other brands, such as Cartier for example, Rolex is not known to be super generous with freebies or customer gifts. The allocation of these single sized leather watch pouches were few and far between and they were handed out randomly, without a lot of rhyme or reason. There is a ton of cool “Rolex Swag” out there, but very few people seem to receive it.

tudor leather watch pouch

If you're one of the lucky ones who ever experienced buying a Rolex in a Rolex boutique back in the days of yore, you will especially appreciate the beauty and nostalgia of Everest’s newest creation: The Everest Leather 3 Watch Wallet, which was inspired by the single slot Rolex and Tudor leather pouches that were sometimes given out as gifts to customers.

Because we know most watch collectors have at least 3 watches in their weekly rotation, a 3-slot watch wallet takes these swag pouches to the next level. We knew that creating a 3-slot watch wallet was the perfect travel and storage solution.

What makes the Everest 3-slot leather watch wallet so high quality?

The Everest 3 slot watch wallet is constructed of full grain Nappa leather sourced from Italy and is fully lined and padded with a soft Swiss-made microfiber. The hand-stitching around the roll exemplifies quality and precision, and the darker French painted edges create a bespoke and classic look. A secure multi-snap closure allows for ultimate safety and protection during storage or travel. The design of this watch wallet was meticulously crafted, and as with all of Everests products it was created by watch collectors for watch collectors.

Why is it called an Everest Leather Watch Wallet?

The watch wallet is incredibly sleek, slim, and secure. We call it a wallet because of the fact that it has a very slender, wallet-like profile. The innovative design features 3 built-in pouches each with flexible inserts to keep your watches from rubbing or scratching on themselves. Each timepiece is encased in an individual, padded and protected compartment wrapped fully in the finest Swiss microfiber. Even when filled with watches, this pouch remains remarkably slender, and can slip easily into any briefcase or luggage.

What materials and colors does the leather watch wallet come in?

This 3-slot pouch is truly everything! Designed with form and function in mind, the wallet-like pouch is remarkably slender while still keeping your watches incredibly secure. The outside is a durable, thick, incredibly good-smelling Italian Nappa leather and the inside is soft buttery Swiss microfiber. The pouch is available in 2 color-ways: a rich chocolate brown leather with navy interior and a modern midnight blue leather with steel gray interior. One oozes sophistication in a classic way, and the other in a more modern way.

Can you travel with the Everest watch wallet?

The Everest 3-slot watch pouch is an essential travel companion that allows for you to take your watches anywhere and everywhere. It will fit easily into a carryon, checked bag, briefcase, backpack, or handbag. It’ll slip seamlessly into any hotel safe. When not traveling, the watch wallet serves as a gorgeous watch storage solution. Whether you choose the rich chocolate brown color or the impeccable navy and gray steel, you’ll love the versatility, function, and quality of this watch pouch.

inside of everest watch wallet swiss microfiber

Why did Everest make the 3-slot leather watch wallet?

We made it truly (and honestly) because it was something we wanted for ourselves. We love our leather watch rolls and individual pouches and use multiple ones every single day, whether traveling or not. But there was an area missing from our accessories collection, which was a travel solution that was sleek and slender, but also held more than just one watch.  Taking the 3 slot watch wallet on a trip is incredibly easy and it takes up no space at all in your luggage. This watch wallet has allowed us and many many others (thank you, watch fam!) travel with their watches with ease and security. The Everest 3-slot wallet has been one of our most successful new product launches ever and they are flying off the proverbial shelves.

side view everest watch wallet

Having this wallet makes us feel nostalgic for those good ole days of Rolex past. Holding it in our hands and smelling that incredibly leather smell just feels right and reminds us of the times we purchased our favorite watches. Everest definitely has a winner with this one. We can’t wait for you to enjoy it as well. 

everest watch wallet inside gray swiss microfiber

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