There’s A New Watch Subscription Service And You Have To Try It Out!

There’s A New Watch Subscription Service And You Have To Try It Out!

We at Everest love to tell you all about the best Rolex watches, and give you the best knowledge about your Rolex. So with that said, there is a sweet new subscription service that lets you rock a slick Rolex for way less than $40,000.

The company is called Eleven James and they have any watch under the sun that you can think of. They don’t just have Rolexes either. Their catalog ranges from Breitlings, Omegas, Panerais, Tudors, and everything in-between. If you are running on a budget, they have exactly what you are looking for too.

Eleven James

Their plans start at just $149 but range all the way up to $1,259 per month. That price is low considering the watches that you can get every few months can be way over even $5,000. They will work with you as well if you want a custom plan that fits your needs.

With Eleven James, you don’t have to pull the trigger right away on a large watch purchase too. You can grab a membership, and basically test drive any watch that you are looking for.

Another amazing aspect of Eleven James is their rewards program. At the lowest tiered pricing plan, you can earn up to $400 towards purchasing a watch as long as you meet their requirements. These requirements are quite simple such as returning your watch on time and renewing your membership at the end of the year. All memberships are one year and you have to commit to that.

Watch Subsription

To make your decision even easier, if you pay your year long membership upfront, they will take 10% off your total cost. Honestly I don’t know why you are still reading this. You can check out all the plans and different types of watches on their website here.

If you do grab one of their Rolexes though, why not customize it with a Everest Band. See what I did there?

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