The White Watches We’ll Still Be Wearing After Labor Day

OMEGA Seamaster 300m

“Don’t wear white after Labor Day”. We all know the rule, though I’m not sure any of us actually know where it originated or why it still comes up at the end of each summer after generations. In my (admittedly very quick) research, the rule stems from a combination of classism and practicality going back to the 1800s. Generations later, I’m convinced white dials are the perfect excuse to break the rules. Thankfully breaking the rules doesn’t always mean we have to break the bank, so here’s a roundup of our favorite watches at various price points that you can wear all year long.

White Watches Under $1,000

It’s a common misconception that watches have to be expensive, but these here prove that you can have some great wrist candy without giving up an arm and a leg.

G-Shock 5600 White

I’m pretty sure everyone needs a G-Shock in their collection. There’s arguably no better watch on the market that you can wear all day, everyday, doing anything, and not have to think about at all - the ultimate high-endurance watch. Yard work, rock climbing, diving, literally anything. And for $100, there’s no better bargain out there.

GShock 5600

Image Source Talmap

Hamilton Khaki Field 38mm

One of my favorite affordable watches on the market! 38mm, clean and crisp white dial, and an absolute strap monster. The Khaki field is a faithful recreation of its 1960 ancestor and a true vintage-inspired watch. Retail $595

Hamilton Khaki Field

Image Source MonoChrome 

Seiko Prospex Diver King Samurai SRPE37K1

Looking for something a bit sportier, what’s better than a Seiko. As part of the core collection for a few years now, this 41mm diver has a fun patterned dial with a sharply contrasted black bezel for a great everyday sports watch for $595.

Seiko Prospex Diver King Samurai SRPE37K1
Image Source MonoChrome 

White Watches Under $3,000

Oris Aquis Date

Oris has made quite a name for themselves in the watch collector community over recent years, and the Aquis has gained a reputation of reliable, quality, budget friendly sports watch. Available in a surplus of dial options, case sizes, and straps, including this all white beauty that is perfect for year-long wear if you’re looking for a bold look! Retail $2,995

Oris Aquis Date

Image Source Oris

Sinn 104

Looking for a less bold white watch, the Sinn 104 is a great option! Contrasting the bright white dial is a sharp black bezel, toning it down for those looking to attract a bit less attention. One of my favorite features about this watch is the syringe hands which make legibility a dream on this $1,850 watch.

Sinn 104

Image Source Beans & Bezels

White Watches Under $10,000

OMEGA Seamaster 300m Diver

A watch that needs no real introduction to the watch community, the Seamaster 300m diver has been a core part of the OMEGA collection since its introduction and became an icon once the watch became known as the Bond watch. While the Seamaster has undergone many different upgrades over the years, it was the introduction of the white dial that finally sold me on their newest wave pattern. Available on a strap or the bracelet, its perfect for everyday year-long wear. Retail $5,900.

White Dial Seamaster OMEGA 300m Diver

Image Source OMEGA

Panerai Luminor Quaranta

Admittedly, Panerai’s collection can get a bit confusing to navigate (thankfully we published a great guide last year navigating the models). And as someone with small wrists, it’s been near impossible to find a model in their collection that works for me. The 40mm Luminor Quaranta changed that! Keeping all of the Luminor’s case shapes and designs, this model allows those of us with smaller wrists to enjoy this legendary watch. And there’s even a stunning white dial variation as well! $7,800.

Panerai Luminor Quaranta

Image Source Boat International 

Rolex Explorer II

A watch that really needs no introduction and is the ideal balance of sporty/everyday white dial watches. The orange pop of color with the GMT hand brings what could have easily been “just another white watch” to life - check out our in depth review on it! Unfortunately, this is the only model on our list that isn’t readily available, but maybe if you get on the list now you can have it for next year’s white watch round up! Retail price $9,650

Rolex Explorer II

Image Source Rolex

No matter what the rules say, the most important thing when it comes to watches is wearing what you like, when you like! So wear those white watches proudly all year long and don’t forget that white dials make possibly the best strap monsters! Be sure to check out the shop to see what combos we have for your white dial watch. 

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