The Watches of the Avengers Cast

The Watches of the Avengers Cast

Have you been watching the Avengers special ‘WandaVision’ on Disney+? It’s been surprisingly good and has definitely quenched the thirst for more Avengers content in the last year. Watching the show made me want to go back and watch all the Avengers movies and wow, I didn’t realize how many watch guys were in the films. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the watches the Avengers cast wears on the regular. 

Chris Hemsworth

chris hemsworth


Thor himself needs a watch that won’t crack under pressure and that’s the exact slogan TAG Heuer has been using with their Aussie Ambassador, Chris Hemsworth. Chris can be seen lately rocking TAG Heuer’s new Connected watch (their take on the smart watch).

chris hemsworth wearing watch in everest journal


Chris was introduced to the brand in 2013 when he filmed Rush, a movie about Formula One drivers and rivals Niki Laura and James Hunt. Director Ron Howard gifted Chris a TAG during filming and Chris became an immediate fan of the brand going on to buy many of his own until the brand found out and brought him on board in 2015 as an ambassador. Read more about Formula One’s watches, here. Chris has a different story than we’re used to hearing and he’s certainly a fan of the brand with or without being affiliated with them.

Robert Downey Jr.

tony stark avengers


Much like his character Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr is an eccentric man of mystery. This big time watch collector isn’t a brand ambassador for anyone and that makes sense because he has watches from so many different brands! It makes sense for someone who plays a mad scientist to have a watch that fits the bill, and what better watch than the Rolex Milgauss. The Milgauss was designed for professionals in fields that required them to be around magnetic equipment. Read our complete background of the Milgauss here

robert downy jr wearing rolex submariner


In the Avenger series, Iron Man has a rocky relationship with another scientist, Bruce Banner aka ‘The Hulk’ but that on screen duel doesn’t play over to real life because RDJ loves to wear the Rolex Hulk as one of his daily’s. Robert has been seen wearing lots of Rolex pieces in several of his films so the actor is no stranger to the brand. We think RDJ should rock our Everest Green Strap on his Rolex Hulk Submariner, what do you think? 

Tom Holland

 avenger character wearing watch


One of the latest to join the Avengers team is Spider-Man. The young quick talking superhero is played by Tom Holland and he has quickly grown to be many fans favorite in the series. At only 24, Tom has grown quite the watch collection, perhaps due to being around his co-stars who all have quite the collection. Unlike Chris Hemsworth’s sporty models and RDJ’s eccentric pieces, Tom seems to like the more classier pieces. Read our blog on the best Cartier watches for men, here

tom holland wearing watch


He has been seen wearing a Cartier Santos several times and we have to admit the watch suits him perfectly. For someone so young, this was a bold choice for the actor. Recently, Tom has been seen wearing a white ceramic Rolex Daytona. Maintaining a classic look the Daytona suits his “now grown up wrist” perfectly. Perhaps our red Everest Rubber Strap would be the perfect Spidey combo? Click here to get this look! 

rolex daytona on red rubber everest band

Written By: KT Morales

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