The Unexpected Change to Patek’s Aquanaut Chronograph 5968

The Unexpected Change to Patek’s Aquanaut Chronograph 5968
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Patek Philippe has been garnering a lot of press in 2021. First, it retired the Nautilus, the crown jewel in the Patek collection. But as one star set, another star rose, as Patek began promoting the release of seven newly redesigned Aquanauts. All of them are clearly meant to distract Nautilus lovers from the now even more difficult task of procuring the famed Genta-designed watch. When we were reviewing the new releases, we were especially impressed by the integrated rubber bracelets on every new release. 


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A Rubber Bracelet for the Patek Aquanaut 

Yep, that’s right. Every single one of Patek’s newly released Aquanaut features an integrated rubber “Tropical” bracelet. For watches that cost over 50k, that's a notable change from traditional metal link bracelets. Patek Tropical bracelets were first introduced in 1997, when the Aquanaut debuted, and this strap material has slowly taken over the line. The tide is turning on high-quality composites, which are now considered a luxury material. Maybe we’re a little biased, but we predicted this trend early on. As Rolex has adopted its Oysterflex bracelet and new Pateks are put exclusively on rubber, we love seeing this flexible, durable material given its due. But of all the rubber bracelets on the Patek Aquanaut, we think the rubber watch band looks best on the newly updated Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph. 

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Updated: The Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph (5968G) 

This beloved Patek Chronograph is updated with two new releases in white gold, which look stunning with the rubber strap. When the Aquanaut Chronograph hit the market in 2018, it was presented in stainless steel. This 2021 update moved the Aquanaut Chronograph into precious metals with a 42 x 12 case size, and the result is a solid hit. The highlight here is the ultra-smooth  gradient dials in blue-black and khaki green, both paired with a perfectly-matching integrated rubber strap. We know the visual power of matching dial to strap, and we’re delighted to see this trend catching on. Underneath the dial, there’s an automatic CH 28-520 C caliber. That means it utilizes both a flyback complication and a covetable vertical clutch. With a power reserve of 45-55 hours, it can last the weekend without needing to be rewound. The final price? This one will set you back $69,194.  

For Strength and Style, Choose An Everest Band

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By: Meghan Clark


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