The True Quality Comparison between Everest and Other Steel End Links for Rolex Owner’s Watches

The True Quality Comparison between Everest and Other Steel End Links for Rolex Owner’s Watches

steel end link and leather strap attached to a Rolex

More Rolex owners are realizing the immense value of choosing a luxurious leather or flexible rubber band for their timepiece.


While there are many options on the market, only a few are truly designed to connect perfectly with the face of a Rolex. One careful look usually reveals the difference.


In the last few years, a unique option of adding a custom steel End Link (also known as an end piece) has become a popular look. Everest Horology Products offers the precision-made 316L stainless steel End Link on the market for its discerning Rolex clients.


Let us compare the differences between the Everest Horology version and one from an eBay seller.


Quality and Construction

Immediately, it’s evident that the quality of the Everest Horology End Link is far superior to the eBay seller version.


The Everest Horology solid End Link has been finished perfectly and does not have any sharp edges. The eBay seller’s End Link has a razor’s edge at almost every corner, which generally could quickly damage the leather or rubber strap.

etude end link vs everest end link

Secondly, there are depressions or divots in the steel in sections that definitely should be perfect. See the image below — notice the depression in the steel? That is against the case where a flawless surface should be.

ebay vs everest steel end link for Rolex

Next, let’s check the fit of the eBay End Link. It slides and shifts very easily inside the lug area, leaving a gap that could cause discomfort or require regular cleaning.

steel end link connection on rolex for leather

Finally, the thickness and girth of the Everest Horology steel End Link is simply larger and feels more substantial. Overall, even without the two End Links being installed, the Everest version is the clear winner in quality and substance.


Design and Integration

The Everest Horology steel End Link is designed to fully connect our leather straps, the steel end ink and the case of a Rolex watch.


We use a 2.0mm Rolex style spring bar (identical to Rolex factory standards) to connect all three pieces together. (Editor’s note – We include Swiss made 2.0mm Rolex style spring bars with every purchase.)


Other manufacturers do not have the same intention. The eBay seller’s End Link sandwiches itself between any strap and the Rolex case, but never actually integrates with the watch case or the watchband. Because it never truly matches the case of the Rolex, it is never truly secure.

As we mentioned previously, the eBay seller’s design slides and shifts itself inside the lug area. This shifting can cause damage to the inside of the lug area, making the actual Rolex bracelet fit poorly later. Additionally, since the eBay seller’s End Link is not stationary, it can shift past the edge of the lugs, making the whole watch look unfinished and substandard.

end piece for rolex leather strap


Obviously, one would think that since the eBay seller’s End Link is offered on eBay, it would have a bargain price tag. However, it is priced at $85-$95 plus shipping and is offered from a few sellers at the same price – without spring bars, a watch strap, buckle, warranty or the quality you would expect at that price.

Everest Horology Products includes a set of End Links with each strap, so the price for the Swiss-made, perfectly matched vegetable tanned leather strap system – with a set of End Links, warranty and complimentary shipping – is $250. Here is a breakdown of costs to you, so you can judge which is the better value:



Brand Everest Horology  Ebay (and other sellers)
End Link Included $85.00
Spring bar Included $9.95
Leather Strap Included $125.00
Buckle Included $25.00
Warranty Included None! 
Shipping $- $5.00
Total $250.00 $249.95



Everest Horology Products is committed to producing perfect accessory straps and other Rolex replacement parts. Our steel parts are made to the tolerance of the watch for a reason: it is going on your Rolex. We will not cut a corner or rush production to get an item to market.


Precision, quality, superior materials – these are the cornerstones of our mission. These cannot be sacrificed when honoring the Rolex legacy.

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