The Story Behind the Name

rubber rolex watch band submariner

If you are remotely involved on Instagram in the watch community, you will have heard of @rolexdiver. With powerfully shots and a wide collection of Rolexes, he draws the attention of the masses, but who is the individual behind the name? What is @rolexdiver’s story?

This story does not exactly have a beginning. @rolexdiver tell us there really was no one point in his life he can pinpoint that he began liking watches. He’s simply always liked them. When his mom took him to the store to get a watch as a child, it would take hours for him to pick the one he wanted. The first watch he purchased for himself was when he got a bank account with a debit card, he purchased a TimeX Expedition digital and analog watch.  

seiko expedition

So when he’s not spending hours looking for his next watch, he does consulting work for manufacturing companies. But, he also does product photography for companies - with his skill set, for sure!

His daily essentials include a watch - always a watch - a phone, air pods, Everest cleaning cloth, wallet, wedding band, and sunglasses. Really, a perfect encompassing list.  

rubber deepsea strap

So, we’re still trying to learn a bit more about the mysterious @rolexdiver - at least more than that he likes Rolexes and diving, so we asked what his favorite travel destination is. His response: “Hawaii is my favorite place to travel!” A big reason is because the Wife likes to go there (happy wife means a happy life). But also because he loves to snorkel/dive around the islands. @rolexdiver notes that the people there are so inviting and friendly, and the views are amazing. Ok - you’ve got me convinced - Hawaii is on the bucket list now.

strap collection for rolex

As a Rolex guy and a diver, @rolexdiver is also an #everestman. He’s looking for Everest to release thin straight leather line straps for vintage watches as well as a thin curved end rubber for vintage Rolex watches. We will get right on that - great ideas for sure. Even though @rolexdiver switches it up with his Everest bands (one of his favorite is the new gray rubber), he’s still a bracelet guy at heart. His first watch - the timex - was on a bracelet and that was it.    

rubber watch band submariner

The most recent acquisition to his collection was a BLNR. “I had a feeling that is would be discontinued this year, so I made sure to hunt one down, so I could have one to wear.” Good instincts! But his favorite? That is not an easy answer, but we did get one out - the Submariner line. If - for some reason - @rolexdiver had to get rid of all of his watches, he would still end up with one Submariner. He’s not sure which one exactly as each one has its own touch.

blnr rolex bracelet

With @rolexdiver’s depth of knowledge of Rolex and Tudor, we had to ask what he is hoping they come out with next. From Tudor, he’s hoping they release a line of Black Bay Heritage models with mercedes hands to be more true to the original Tudor line. Being a bracelet guy, he also wishes Tudor bracelets were more tapered on the Black Bay and Pelagos.

From Rolex, there is one thing @rolexdiver is looking for - that all sport models come on an oyster bracelet, and if, as a consumer, you want to order it on a jubilee, you can have it delivered to you that way. I don’t think Rolex will ever offer second hand straps or bracelets, but that’s what we’re here for.

rolex submariner

@rolexdiver has a purist heart with a bit of adventure. He’s drawn to the vintage, the purity and originality of the brands and models. He truly respects the individuality of each model and what the watch has to offer. I think we’ve learned a bit more behind the name. Don’t forget to shop @rolexdiver’s #everestman looks here.

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