The Release of the Pam 914 and 915 - Old News Unheard

The Release of the Pam 914 and 915 - Old News Unheard

The release of the Pam 914 and 915 is an exciting twist for the Panerai community. The release was discussed in November/December, but the Instagram community didn’t catch on until almost February. Once the news hit Instagram, it started spreading, but no one had any idea it existed prior to this - probably because the Instagram tags were missing. Despite the lack of news, Panerai outdid themselves on the models. 

panerai watch bands pam 914 and 915

Panerai enthusiasts have only had positive feedback for the Pam 914 and 915. It appears it will do well for the line up. These classic models have what a lot of Panerai enthusiasts call DNA, which means the designs follow older models' inspiration. Let’s dive in deeper.

The original design inspiration stems from the 111 and 112. These models were entry level models - comparable to the Rolex Submariner. The 111 and 112 were staples.

panerai watch band

Following the inspiration of these models were the 510 and 560. This is where things get intense. Panerai created a tier method, so if a watch wasn’t that expensive, your Panerai was a painted dial.

As watches got more expensive, they switched to the sandwich dial. This was incredibly upsetting to Panerai fans. They didn’t understand that a painted dial was cheaper than a sandwich dial. They only saw it as Panerai trying to create some scheme for people to spend more money to get what they want. 

panerai painted dial verses sandwich dialThe 510 and 560 models were released with Panerai sandwich dials. The cut outs in the dial with a lume base gave it a 3D effect with its cut-out stencil appearance. You can see the difference between the painted dial on the left and the sandwich dial on the right. We discuss the difference between these two dials in more detail here. Halfway through the productions, after about 3 to 4 years, Panerai switched over to painted dials. But, cherry on top, they didn’t drop the price of the 510 and 560. Below is a painted 560 on an Everest watch band.

panerai watch strap

The new Pam 914 and 915 are replacing the 510 and 560. With a lower price point, these models bring back all the features Panerai fans like. Both the Pam 914 and 915 have sandwich dials, and an 8 day movement. There are subtle differences between the model generations. The indices and lume are kind of patinaed. Additionally, instead of saying 8 days on the dial at 6 o’clock, the dials now says 8 Giorni, which is the Italian translation for 8 days. But, this doesn’t seem to be a big naysayer for Panerai enthusiasts. The difference between the 914 and the 915 is the 914 only has an hour and minute hand. The 915 has an hour, minute and second hand.  

panerai pam 914 and 915

Panerai fans appreciate that Panerai has released a sandwich dial at a lower price point after feeling cheated years ago. We can only guess that the lack of news on the release is due to the fact that, rumor has it, Panerai anticipates to release 30 new Lumniors this year. Don't forget to check out Everest Bands for Panerai here.

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