The Original Rolex Rubber Strap/Band – The Rolex 116189SANR Datejust

The Original Rolex Rubber Strap/Band – The Rolex 116189SANR Datejust

Everest is not actually the first manufacturer of rubber straps for Rolex watches, Rolex is. Rolex has occasionally broken its tradition of leather or metallic bracelets. Usually, when Rolex breaks from a traditional look, it commonly aims it at the female tastes. In this situation, Rolex created a mid sized Rolex Datejust, 36mm case, to create a very sparkly watch. This rubber strap actually has diamonds in it! The bezel, the lug area, the dial and the dial markers are almost completely diamonds.The diamond combination on this Rolex Datejust is quite unique. It has a zebra pattern of black and white diamonds. Quite a different look for Rolex. It is believed that the previous Rolex CEO, Patrick Heiniger’s wife, Nina Steven, supposedly was the inspiration for this gorgeous jeweled rubber Rolex! She has amazing taste and also was supposedly the brain child for a few other recent Rolex female based designs.

The Original Rolex Rubber Strap/Band – The Rolex 116189SANR Datejust

This design and conception was quite different than previous Rolex watches. Its animal pattern and use of multiple colored diamonds is something that is so unexpected from an organization that specializes in taking its past and brings it so elegantly into the future. Rolex seems to never follow anyone but itself. During a time when almost every other watch brand in the world has come out with a sport watch with a rubber strap, Rolex simply has not.

Its Tudor line has quite a few rubber options, but from our experience, we have only see this model with a rubber strap. Tudor has become the test child for Rolex. Originally, Tudor was a “low cost” alternative to Rolex. The quality was superb, but it did not use an in-house movement, like every Rolex. Tudor watches come with a modified ETA movement. That being said, Tudor has had multiple versions of rubber watch straps over the last ten years.

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Rolex has recently filed a patent with a similar design to the Everest Band, the perfect rubber Rolex strap band. We all expected to see it at this year’s Baselworld, but to no avail, no rubber bands on Rolex yet. It seems that Rolex is content with making rubber for only one watch, this jeweled beauty: the Rolex Datejust. We will just have to help you with the other Rolex watch collection! Customize your Rolex, Tudor or Panerai here.

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