The New MoonSwatch and a Recap Of All The Moonshine Models So Far

Omega Moonswatch Moonshine Gold

Did you catch last night’s Blue Supermoon? If you did, then you’re one of the lucky ones who got to witness a rare phenomenon that, according to NASA last happened in December 2009 and will only reappear in 2037. No, it wasn’t blue (that nickname derives from the rarity of the occurrence rather than its actual color) but it was beautifully big and bright! Never one to let a marketing opportunity go to waste, Swatch piggybacked on the recent Blue Supermoon event to announce the latest addition to its exceedingly popular Omega Speedmaster-inspired MoonSwatch collection: the MoonSwatch Mission to Neptune Moonshine Gold. And yes, it is very blue. But here’s the real kicker – the watch, like all Moonshine MoonSwatch variants, was only on sale for one day, yesterday. Its appearance in stores was as short-lived as the Supermoon in the night sky. 

If you don’t happen to live in a city with a Swatch boutique, or had no desire to stand in long lines for hours for a small chance to buy one, or are simply curious, here’s a rundown on the new blue and gold MoonSwatch. There’s also a quick recap of all the Moonshine models that have joined the collection since the Omega gold alloy first made an appearance on MoonSwatches. 

MoonSwatch Mission to Neptune Moonshine Gold 

Omega Swatch Moonswatch Neptune Moonshine Gold

Ref. SO33N101-108
Launch Date: August 30, 2023

The Mission to Neptune Moonshine Gold is almost identical to the original Mission to Neptune that launched in 2022 except for one detail – the 18k Moonshine Gold-coated chronograph hand. If you recall, Moonshine Gold is Omega’s proprietary pale yellow gold alloy and Swatch has now been using it on select MoonSwatch models since March 2023. 

The watch even comes with a certificate that states that the Moonshine Gold hand was produced during a full moon, which according to Swatch, “are known to have a magical influence on many things, humans included.” A bit much? Maybe. But Swatch is known for its mastery of marketing and hype. 

As mentioned, other details remain the same. There’s a blue Bioceramic case that measures 42mm in diameter, 13.25mm thick, and 47.3mm lug-to-lug. There is also a duo of blue chronograph pushers that flank the blue winding crown, and yep, you guessed it, a blue bezel with a tachymeter scale. However, the blue shade of the bezel is darker than that of the case but it is the same tone as the dial that’s home to a trio of registers. As expected, the caseback that protects the quartz movement is decorated with a depiction of Neptune, the bluest planet in our solar system.

Neptune Moonswatch Moonshine lume

The Misson to Neptune Moonshine Gold is paired with a black velcro strap, emblazoned with not only both the Omega and Swatch logos but also “Speedmaster,” “MoonSwatch,” and “Mission to Neptune” inscriptions. Yet, if that’s not your thing, the lug width is swap-friendly 20mm, which makes it easy to find alternate MoonSwatch straps.

It’s worth pointing out that there were several instances of the original Mission to Neptune MoonSwatch transferring its deep blue hue to the wrists they sat on. However, Swatch pulled those from production and tweaked the pigmentation. So it’s unlikely that we’ll see that happen again with the new Mission to Neptune Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch – the likely blue some will experience will have been missing out on buying one at a Swatch store after standing around for hours.

All MoonSwatch MoonShine Gold Watches Released So Far

If you can’t get enough of the MoonSwatch MoonShine editions, or just can't keep track, here’s an outline of all the models released thus far. 

MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold Swiss Lantern 

Ref.  SO33M102-108

Launch Date August 1, 2023

Omega Moonswatch Moonshine Gold Swiss Lantern

This one has the same body as the original Mission to the Moon (the version closest to the O.G. Omega Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch”) but includes a Moonshine chronograph hand, decorated with the emblematic Swiss lantern pattern. It was only available on August 1, Swiss National Day. 

MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold Strawberry Moon Of June

Ref. SO33M102-107

Launch Date: July 3, 2023

Omega Moonswatch Moonshine Gold Strawberry

Here we have the same Misson to the Moon base model but with a Moonshine Gold chronograph hand decorated with strawberries (yes, the fruit.) It went on sale on July 3, 2023, and it was made in honor of the Strawberry Moon of June, an affectionate name for the full moon in June that occurs on the last day of spring or the first of summer. The watch went on sale the following month because the strawberry-themed Moonshine Gold hand was produced during June’s Strawberry Moon – the watch is accompanied by a certificate that says so. 

MoonSwatch Moonshine Flower Moon

Ref. SO33M102-106

Launch Date: June 3, 2023

Omega Moonswatch Moonshine Gold Flower Moon

Yet again, here’s a  Mission to the Moon watch paired with a funky full moon-inspired hand in Moonshine Gold. This time around we have a floral motif because the hand was produced during the Flower Moon of May 2023, which occurred on the fifth of that month and signifies the blooming of spring flowers.

MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold Pink Moon

Ref. SO33M102-105

Launch Date: May 6, 2023

Omega x Swatch Moonswatch Pink Moon

By now, you’ll have noticed a clear pattern. We start with a Mission to the Moon model and continue with a Moonshine Gold hand that pays tribute to a special full moon. This one has a hand that was manufactured during the Pink Moon of April 2023 and features pink lume on the tip of the chronograph hand. Why Pink Moon? According to NASA, this celestial occurrence is named after herb moss pink – a plant native to the eastern USA that happens to be one of the earliest widespread flowers of spring.

MoonSwatch Mission To Moonshine Gold

Ref. SO33M102-104

Launch Date: March 7, 2023

Omega Swatch Moonswatch Mission to Moonshine Gold

Finally, we’ve arrived at the very first MoonSwatch with a MoonShine Gold hand, launched in March 2003 – a year after the original MoonSwatch debut. The watch, which is, of course, a Mission to the Moon base model with a Moonshine Gold-coated chronograph hand, initially went on sale for one day in four cities: London, Milan, Tokyo, and Zurich. Naturally, a frenzy ensued, and Swatch later announced a wider rollout to 14 other cities on April 6, but again, for one day only. 

Omega Moonswatch Moonshine Gold Full Moon certificate

In case you were wondering, the golden hand on the first rollout was manufactured under a full moon in February 2023 while the second happened during the full moon in March 2023. 

A Corn MoonSwatch?

It’s hard enough to buy a regular production MoonSwatch at retail – not only do you have to physically be in a city with a Swatch store (the brand still does not sell them online despite initially confirming that it would) but you have to arrive at the right time of day in hopes that said store received a fresh batch. (For some top tips, check out Michael DiMartini’s “How I Got Eight Omega MoonSwatches At Retail This Month” article.) 

But getting your hands on a one-day-only Moonshine model drop, like the new Mission to Neptune Moonshine Gold watch, requires a whole other level of dedication and luck. You can say it’s almost as rare as witnessing a Blue Supermoon. That said, if you are that dedicated, there will be a Full Corn Moon on Sep 29, 2023 – mark your calendars because maybe we’ll see a corn-themed MoonSwatch on the horizon.

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