The Ingenuity of Tang Buckles

Rolex Daytona tang buckle

 The buckle on your Rolex seems like a relatively small thing — especially when you compare it to the ridiculously engineered Swiss-made mechanical movement and hand-crafted face of your timepiece — but it’s a pretty big part of ensuring that your watch is comfortable throughout the day and that it maintains the original style set forth by Rolex.


Everest Bands is committed to producing replacement Rolex bands that outperform in terms of durability, style and comfort, and our tang buckle is a huge part of that mission. It’s just one of the factors that put our premium Rolex replacement bands on the next level.

Rubber strap with a tang buckle

What is a tang buckle, exactly? This type of watch closure is similar to a men’s belt buckle, with nine fitting holes for the perfect fit on your wrist. This classic buckle is ideal for applications where you want a more snug, easy fit with a somewhat casual feel.

The combination of our super-durable, lightweight vulcanized rubber strap and this unique tang buckle system makes your Everest watch band extremely comfortable and well-prepared for just about anything. It also allows you to easily take the watch on and off and adjust it with ease throughout the day.

Over-Engineered Watch Bands with Buckles to Match

Our tang buckles are made of long-lasting 316L stainless steel to match the rest of the band’s robust, durable construction. When it came to designing our original tang buckles, we had two requirements: 1. Keep the same classic Rolex styling for which the brand is known, and 2. Provide an incredibly durable, sport-focused option for your active lifestyle. This stainless steel material ensures that your watch band stays in grade-A shape no matter how much abuse it endures.

Everest Rubber Strap Review for Rolex owners from Everest Horology Products on Vimeo.

If you’ve taken a minute to explore our watch band collections, you’ve probably noticed that comfort is a big part of our mission. You could say that we’re obsessed with comfort. The tang buckle’s ability to provide a barely-there feel and easy adjustment makes it the perfect choice for wearers who are equally obsessed with comfort as we are. When we couple these closures with our super-soft, easy-to-wear Swiss-made vulcanized rubber, you get an effortless and lightweight watch band that never compromises your watch’s look.

Rolex leather watch

Not a big fan of the rubber watch band? No worries. We’ve also equipped our various Rolex leather watch bands with this high-quality tang buckle. Get a style that matches your personality with leather bands made with super-sporty racing leather, supple Italian leather or alligator-embossed calf leather.

These precise-fitting leather watch bands are available in an assortment of colors and feature the same comfortable tang buckle design as our rubber models. Unlike our rubber bands, these styles come with only one clasp option, the steel tang buckle, for a classic finish.

All Everest watch bands are precision fit to specific Rolex models, meaning they’re engineered only for Rolexes. We’ve outfitted our stylish replacement bands with extras to ensure that they don’t compromise the overall look and feel of your beloved timepiece.

For example, each one is fitted with a patented steel end link that flawlessly connects your leather strap to your Rolex and is then finished with a 316L stainless steel tang buckle to mimic the oyster-style look of the steel end link on your favorite Rolex watch.

Other Everest Band Buckle Options

We also make watch bands with a deployant buckle, which incorporates Rolex’s factory clasps that come with the bracelet. This allows you to incorporate your watch’s original unique clasping mechanism.

These clasps are ideal for wearers who want to keep the factory, OEM look of the watch, since they effortlessly mimic the original oyster bracelet. It doesn’t matter if you choose a good-looking tang buckle or opt for the luxurious deployant clasp, you know you’ll get tons of extra wear out of your valuable Rolex with Everest Bands.


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