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rolex leather watch straps

rolex brown leather watch strap

If you’re going to spend $8500 and up for a Rolex watch, it stands to reason you’re going to want it to look its best, right? After all, when you walk into your local Rolex dealer, those watches smiling at you from the case look fabulous.

From the platinum Presidents and Daytonas, right on down to the steel sport watches, they’re all waiting expectantly on their bright shiny bracelets. Waiting for you to pick them up, buckle them on, and walk out the door to a happy life together (after paying the man, of course).

But what if you’re a strap kind of guy? Yeah, bracelets are fine and all, but you just flat like the look of leather paired with the lustrous metal of a fine watch.

But not just any leather strap will do, will it? No.

The problem you encounter is the ugly gaposis of a straight end strap against a curved case. And it turns out, Everest has two solutions for you: A curved end leather strap that’s uniquely fitted to your watch, and a patented steel end link on a custom leather strap that’s also custom fitted to your sport Rolex.

Rolex steel end links

Let’s talk about this steel end link for a minute.

I’ll be honest, I think it really dresses up a sport Rolex – a Submariner, GMT, or Daytona. You get the sportiness of a leather strap, and the sophistication of a solid end link that fits both the strap end and the watch case.

And the link itself mimics the design of the Oyster bracelets. It mounts the same way any steel end link does. The spring bar holds the strap to the link and securely locks the system into the lugs. The strap is then buckled by Everest’s signature Oyster-style buckle, completing the look and keeping the Oyster vibe that goes so well with the Rolex Sports pieces.

Rolex Submariner black leather watch strap

Check ‘em out, I think you’ll like the look!

“Now Mike… I really think this end link would look great in gold paired with leather for the gold models…”

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