The Everest Rubber Deployant Strap

rolex submariner

Rolex Submariner

Patina on a vintage Rolex is nice, right? The various nicks, scratches, faded lume, and that grail of collectors, the tropical dial? In fact, collectors will pay extra for it. Polish that 5513 Submariner at your peril.

But you’ve just gotten your first big bonus for those all-nighters you pulled last year on the Henley contract and dammit, you’re going to reward yourself. So off you go to your local Rolex Authorized Dealer and, after much consideration, you trade that hard earned bonus for a shiny new GMT-Master II BLNR – the Batman.

And you want to keep it shiny and new. Both the watch case and the bracelet. So what do you do?

Well, we can’t help you with the watch case. But here at Everest Bands we can help you keep that bracelet scratch-free. In fact, the bracelet is probably more at risk than the watch case for most guys.

Rolex gmt master II

(photo courtesy of RolexDiver)

And that’s precisely why we developed our Rubber Deployant strap.

The Everest Curved End Rubber Deployant makes use of the deployant clasp from your bracelet, and takes the place of the links. The curved ends are custom designed to fit your Rolex (each Rolex model has different spacing between the spring bar holes and the case wall).

Rolex rubber strap

The strap is manufactured with a subtle curvature to hug your wrist. It’s available in several lengths and colors, and gone is the ugly gap around the case that other non-fitted straps may leave.

The result is a really sporty sport Rolex. The look is great and your watch is ready for whatever activity you want to throw at it. I wore one on a trout river in Montana for a week last year. I know my co-writer here at Everest Journal, Shane Griffin, wore one in South America before that.

Take a look here to begin selecting your own Everest Rubber Deployant strap. Get it on your watch before your next great adventure.

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