The Black Bay 58 Bronze may be the hottest watch at the moment

The Black Bay 58 Bronze may be the hottest watch at the moment

The Black Bay 58 in bronze is a Tudor Boutique exclusive. And being in New York City, we patiently waited our turn to get one and the effort was well worth it. 

Photo by Revolution Watch

The Black Bay 58 case size is ideal for the largest range of wrist sizes and shapes. The dimensions being 39mm wide and 11.9mm high, it wears like a classic Submariner, one of the most tried-and-true case sizes in the sport watch world. The bronze bracelet with its (currently) exclusive on-the-fly adjustable clasp really sets the Black Bay 58 bronze apart. Previous Black Bay bronze models (with their 43mm case sizes) only came equipped with a handsome fabric strap, which is also included in the Black Bay 58 bronze package.

The brown dial and bezel insert color may be a dealbreaker for any watch collector with an aversion to the color, but we believe the warmth of the color fits well with the bronze case. The 3-6-9 dial, consistent with other bronze Black Bay models, also helps make the overall look standout in a sea of black dial steel dive watches.

Photo by Monochrome Watches

As with other Black Bay models, the bezel action is smooth and reassuring in its firm action. And the adjustable clasp is really great for the summer when one is moving from the hot and humid outdoors into full-blast air-conditioned spaces. And we can help but love the fact that the 58 bronze, with its full bronze bracelet, gives off solid yellow gold vibes without the full yellow gold price for a watch that comes out of the Rolex family. In fact, that’s one of the intrinsic pleasures of Tudor ownership—you get Rolex-level tolerances at a lower price point. This unburdens many watch collectors with worrying about too much wear on a precious metal watch.

We have owned bronze watches in the past and it will patina. We see photos of the famous Panerai Bronzo Submersible looking like a greenish swamp artifact after oxidation makes its mark on the case appearance. It’s too early to tell what the Black Bay 58 bronze will look like in a few years, but that mystery is part of the fun of bronze watch ownership.

So far, a few weeks of experiencing the Black Bay 58 in bronze has been revelatory. It’s a watch that offers exclusivity (being a boutique-only model) without being a product that can only be attained by celebrities (such as most of the current steel sports Rolex models.) The watch wears extremely well and we hope that the quick adjust clasp makes its way into more of the Tudor lineup. 

The price tag at $4,525 is fitting for a watch of this caliber. In-house movement with 72-hour power reserve and 200m water-resistance rating always come in handy, so the functional aspects match the good looks of this elusive, but attainable, Tudor watch.

Be on the lookout for our straps for the Black Bay 58 and enjoy browsing our current line.

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