The Best Watch Memes We’ve Seen Lately

The Best Watch Memes We’ve Seen Lately

The #watchfam on Instagram has a little something for everyone. From #wristshotwednesday to endless wrist rolls, rare references, steering wheel shots, red light crotch shots, and of course endless watch memes. We’ve collected a few of our recent favorites (and one hashtag we love). So gather around, laugh a little, and enjoy the lighter side of watch collecting.  

watch meme

Image by @Yourauthorizeddealer 

@YourAuthorizedDealer is a smaller meme creator who has some hot takes on the watch collecting world. If you aren’t following the account yet, you should be. We love this meme for the way it gently ribs Rolex owners about being a little too precious with a watch that was originally built for adventure.

panerai meme

Image by @Yourauthorizeddealer 

The second meme by is too real for Panerai owners, an oft-maligned and misunderstood group of aficionados. Still, they have a special secret, which this meme highlights. You only have to try on a Panerai once to fall in love. Sure, Panarais look oversized and boxy, but on the wrist they suddenly transform into something completely different. They're strap monsters which means you'll fall in love over and over with each new strap you add on. And just like Pringles once you pop one (on your wrist), you just can’t stop. 

watch meme graph

Image by @brodinkee 

Brodinkee, the granddaddy of watch memes, recently shared this chart with the account’s followers. A rudimentary graph shows the level of happiness over time with a new watch reference. This graph just hits differently for a strap maker, though. We know all too well the joy of putting a new strap on a watch in your collection and falling in love all over again. However, we couldn’t disagree more with the decision to sell or trade the watch shortly afterwards. Clearly, the answer to increase your happiness is to buy another Everest rubber strap, especially in preparation for a spring where you might get to see people, travel, and go to events! 

zenith watch in snow

Image by 

This last image isn’t a meme, it’s a hashtag that Brodinkee recently used to describe the odd practice of embedding a watch in the snow to photograph it in the winter. What would possess an owner of a fine timepiece to toss it into a snowbank and snap a picture? We’re not sure, but we’re loving the snowdinkee hashtag, which teases amateur photogs who love to take pics of tool watches “in the wild” -- whether it’s from the summit of a mountain, splashed with water beside a glacial lake, or half-buried in sand on a beach. (That last one makes us cringe. Micro-abrasions, anyone?) 

Obviously we think putting watch products in snow is just absolutely silly and we would never ever ever do it.

everest cork watch roll in snowLike I said, we’d (ahem) never throw a watch in the snow.

tudor on everest rubber strap in snow

Straps Made By Collectors For Collectors 

No one appreciates a watch meme more than a watch collector, and we love the community that’s grown around collecting on social media. After all, we have to find something to do in between waiting for new releases and saving up for our grail. Luckily, you can always buy a new strap to refresh an old watch. Everest Bands watch straps for Rolex are designed and manufactured by people who love watches, just like you. Our phones are filled with more wristshots than anything else. Support a strap maker who understands the high of buying vintage, the love/hate relationship you have with your AD, and the subtle truth in watch memes.

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Written by: Meghan Clark

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