The Best Podcasts for Watch Collectors

Best Podcasts for Watch Collectors

Given that watches are primarily objects that you experience in either a visual or tactile manner, a podcast about them initially sounds like an absolutely terrible idea. However, there are a surprising number of horology-themed podcasts out there, and even more surprising is that a decent number of them are actually quite good and entertaining.

Living in Los Angeles, I am all too familiar with the struggles of traffic, and I frequently listen to podcasts as a way to help pass the time. I’m never more impatient and agitated than when I’m stuck in traffic, and a quality podcast goes a long way towards distracting me from thinking about the fact that I am quite literally wasting my life sitting in a Honda and waiting for someone else to figure out how to make a left turn.

I imagine that just like myself, you must be seriously into watches (or seriously bored) to even consider listening to a podcast about them. However, if your love of horology runs that deep, then here are some of the best podcasts for watch collectors.

Hodinkee Radio

Hodinkee Radio

As the 800-pound gorilla within the watch media landscape, Hodinkee naturally has a podcast, and just as you expect from a brand that is synonymous with high-level content, ‘Hodinkee Radio’ does not disappoint. The company’s size and connections guarantee that a number of high-profile guests are frequently featured on the podcast, and it is not uncommon for A-list celebrities or major players in the industry to stop by for interviews and to talk about watches. 

Currently hosted by the friendly Canadian voice of James Stacy, who also hosts The Grey Nato podcast with former Hodinkee member Jason Heaton (which is arguably an even better podcast, although not exclusively about watches), Hodinkee Radio should easily be on the shortlist for anyone interested in watch-themed podcasts. Weekly episodes of Hodinkee Radio are released every Sunday, with the average run-time being about an hour in length.

Scottish Watches

Scottish Watches Podcast

Scottish Watches is one of the most prolific watch podcasts, pumping out two episodes of consistent content each and every week. As the 'Scottish Watches' name suggests, the guys behind it are from Scotland (so expect some fantastic accents), and they bring a fun and slightly irreverent sense of humor to what can often be a rather uptight and stuffy industry.

Despite frequently cracking jokes, posting watch memes, and having a fun and lighthearted approach to horology, the Scottish Watches podcast is also actually a legitimate source for watch-related news. Additionally, the show often features big-name industry guests such as the Founders and CEOs of major Swiss brands, the family of the late legendary watch designer Gérald Genta, and even the man himself, Mr. Jean-Claude Biver. New episodes of the Scottish Watches podcast are released every Sunday and Wednesday, with the average run-time for each one being just under an hour.


Superlative Podcast (aBlogtoWatch)

Just like Hodinkee, aBlogtoWatch is one of the oldest and most established names within the watch media space, and the company has a reputation for pumping out high-quality content on a highly consistent basis. While aBlogtoWatch has a few different podcast series, my personal favorite is ‘Superlative’ - an interview/discussion format that features some of the biggest names from the world of watches.

Hosted by aBlogtoWatch Founder Ariel Adams, the Superlative podcast doesn’t shy away from asking tough questions, and you often get to hear very candid answers and responses that you aren’t likely to find on other podcasts. Additionally, given aBlogtoWatch’s wealth of connections, the show features some truly noteworthy guests from both the watch industry and the worlds that often relate to it. New episodes of the Superlative podcast are released each Sunday, with the average run-time being slightly over an hour.

Beyond The Dial

Beyond The Dial

Beyond The Dial is another fantastic watch-themed podcast and one that offers a slightly different approach to the subject of horology. Rather than covering watch industry news or current events, 'Beyond The Dial' places a focus on the introspective and philosophical side of watch enthusiasm to discuss topics that range from the mechanics of how watches work to the intangible questions about why we find them so fascinating. 

The Beyond The Dial podcast is hosted by Allen Farmelo, a RedBar chapter head and a long-time veteran of the watch industry who has written for sites such as Gear Patrol, Worn & Wound, and Hodinkee. Episodes will often feature subject-matter experts as guests, although some will simply consist of Allen fully exploring a concept relating to watch collecting in a thought-provoking manner that is similar to a well-planned lecture by a passionate college professor. Similar to the publication schedule of Beyond The Dial, the exact run-time of episodes can differ slightly, but most will be somewhere around an hour in total length. 

Two Broke Watch Snobs

Two Broke Watch Snobs Podcast

If you like lighthearted and irreverent, 'Two Broke Watch Snobs' is the perfect watch-themed podcast for you. While this is probably not the best show to turn to for concrete horological facts (nor is it the one to put on in the car if you have young children with you), it is easily one of the most entertaining, and it is also one of the few watch podcasts than can actually sometimes be laugh-out-loud funny.

Hosted by Mike and Kaz, the profanity-laced show will occasionally feature guests, but the vast majority of the time it is just the two of them hanging out and talking about watches or whatever else happens to come up during conversation (which is exactly when the show is at its best). The average run-time for each episode of the Two Broke Watch Snobs podcast is about an hour and a half, and while new episodes are generally released on Sundays, the frequency that they get released can range from once a week to once a month - or really whenever they feel like it.

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