The best leather watch pouch is back in stock and better than ever.

everest leather watch pouch collection

These hot ticket items have been missing from our shelves for a few months, but now they’re back, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The new colorways are absolutely stunning and we have been absolutely overwhelmed (in a good way) with the customer response and demand so far.

everest leather watch pouchesEverest Bands leather watch pouches are the perfect accessory for you to easily and safely store your timepiece when it’s not on your wrist. Whether you’re simply storing it at night away from prying fingers or you choose to swap out your Rolex Submariner for your Rolex GMT during travel, Everest has got your back. We even store our lesser-worn watches in these pouches, to keep them safe while they are out of rotation.

The Colors

The Italian leather watch pouch is offered in three stunning colors. The first and newest colorway for Everest is a gorgeous green that mimics a Rolex box with a green exterior and a soft cream interior. The watch pouch is also offered in an espresso brown, with a lighter shade of brown that matches the stitching and correlates to the espresso brown watch roll (soon to be back in stock for three watches). The final color option is a customer fan favorite, the beautiful blue leather that also matches the blue watch rolls with a gold stitch and a correlating interior. 

everest green leather watch pouch

The Finishing and Details

We believe in only using the absolute best quality materials, which is why we picked this specific leather from Italy. Leather improves with age and softens with time, and the leather we use does this so beautifully and naturally. The stitching around the edges is professional and precise. The interior material is a soft microfiber material that wipes the dust and fingerprints from your watch as you insert and remove your watch.

microfiber insert of everest leather watch pouch

Our pouches also include a firm micro-fiber disk insert that keeps your watch from scratching itself or falling onto itself when you put it in the pouch.  Also it is very important to note that the exterior snap is not at all visible or present on the inside of the pouch. Many people have asked us about this, which is why we wanted to make sure to snap a few pictures of the soft and hardware-free inside (see below).

inside of everest watch pouch

The inside is completely smooth to ensure your watch stays in perfect condition. With these Everest leather watch pouches, literally no detail was overlooked.

everest brown leather watch pouchThe Everest Bands leather watch pouch is the perfect solution for the safekeeping of your favorite heirloom piece. We’re all antsy to travel after a whole year of being stuck at home, so make sure you’re ready when the time comes! These pouches are perfect for tossing into your carryon bag, gym bag, or nightstand drawer. They also sit nice and flat on a dresser or desk. Safely store your watch in a Swiss-made Everest leather watch pouch, or two.

green everest leather watch pouch with hulk

Fun fact, 73% of our existing watch pouch customers chose to buy 2 or more pouches this time around!  Of course, if you want to take it a step further, you can always preserve your Rolex bracelet with our fine aftermarket Everest watch bands here, or go all out on a corresponding leather watch rollFind inspiration from our shop our Instagram page.

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