Tales from the Vintage Rolex Forum Group on Facebook

vintage rolex forum group

 The closed Facebook group Vintage Rolex Forum is the Facebook arm of the venerable classic forum of the same name. I’m a fairly new member, and typically don’t comment beyond ‘Liking’ a photo here and there.

But it’s a great place to learn about older Rolex models. To a newcomer like me, it seems to be equal parts fellowship, good natured bragging via wrist shots, and requests for help with verification or valuation. (They do allow some posting of watches for sale, with strict guidelines, like only watches that are 20 years old and older.)

Verification requests mean there are a lot of photographs. And those photographs become fabulous visual aids when accompanied by commentators who know what they’re talking about – and how to say it.

For instance, a post yesterday was simply a link to a lot at Heritage Auctions. The subject is a Rolex Submariner ref. 5510. Notable amongst the elements of patina on a watch of that vintage, is the relatively new-looking dial. And commentators were quick to chime in that the dial didn’t match the hands, which were heavily patina’d. Of course, the auction description told the story. It was a service dial.

rolex vintage submariner

But my real point is that folks seem to want to be helpful, or at least eager to show off their knowledge. Of course, what forum, Facebook or other, would be complete without occasional disagreements and differing opinions.

If you spend time on Facebook (some call it crackbook), you owe it to yourself to check out the Vintage Rolex Forum group. It’s a closed group, with means you have to be approved once you request membership. So be sure your online act is clean before you enter your request.

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