Summer Looks For The Rolex Yacht-Master

Summer Looks For The Rolex Yacht-Master

Rolex Yacht-master on blue rubber watchband

Summer is right around the corner and that’s just about the time we get our bright and colorful straps out. The Rolex Yacht-Master is one of those watches that looks great any season but if you asked us to pick a fave, we’d definitely say summer is it’s wheelhouse. With that sunburst blue dial and pop of red on the seconds hand and written text on the dial, it’s the watch you’ll want on your wrist during all those summer BBQ parties (post-COVID). Today, we’re going to take a look at some of our Everest team’s favorite summer straps on the Rolex Yacht-Master. 

Everest Blue Curved End Rubber

Rolex Yacht-master with blue rubber watch strap

First and let’s be honest, our favorite, look on the Yacht-Master is our Blue Curved End Rubber Strap. We designed this blue to go well with many Rolex models but it particularly shines on the Yacht-Master. Nearly matching the dial, it really brings a subtleness to this at-times flashy Rolex offering.

Worried about the blue strap fading over time? Don’t! Our Everest Vulcanized Rubber technology prevents fading and is also resistant to dirt, water, stretching, tearing, staining and UV Rays. Click here to pick up this super popular Everest Band today!

Everest Grey Curved End Rubber 

Rolex Yacht-master on Rubber watch band

Next up on our list is our Grey Curved End Rubber Strap. All our rubber straps are Swiss Made and feature ABS technology which is designed to ensure a perfect fit to the case of your Rolex. We have to admit, this grey gives the Yacht-Master such an understated look and that’s not a bad thing with a watch like this with such a “loud” dial.

grey rubber on Rolex Yacht-master

Our grey rubber has been a surprise to many as being just as flexible as our black strap and looking amazing on almost any watch we stick it on. We love the summer stormy sky vibes this strap combo gives us. Click here to check one out for yourself

white rubber on Yacht-Master Rolex

Everest White Curved End Rubber 

Last on our list and back by popular demand is our White Curved End Rubber Strap. While this strap looks incredibly icy on the white Daytona in the winter, it looks incredibly cool on the Yacht-Master during the summer. Our white strap is a great option for both men and women who are looking to spruce up their YM and is very secure on both wrist, with 316L stainless steel buckle in place. While we love the Yacht-Master’s oyster bracelet, we definitely do not love the scratches on the polished center links the bracelet can bring. So preserve your bracelet by putting on this Miami ready white rubber strap! 

Rolex Yacht-master on rubber watchband in white

Don’t forget we also stock all the tools necessary for changing your strap on our website here. Make strap changing a breeze by using one of our Premier Oyster Tool Kits which features a grooved barrel and rotating head of the screwdriver that makes a perfect fit with those Yacht-Master Oyster Links. Check out our strap install guide here, which features a video to follow along with. 

Lastly, if you've made it this far in the article, you deserve a spoiler... A little birdy told us that the Rolex Yacht-Master 40mm in steel will be discontinued this year in 2021. In our opinion, that makes the watch even more valuable and gives even more of a reason to protect your bracelet by swapping it out with a Swiss-Made Everest band. 

KT Morales

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