Submariner 114060 Review

rolex submariner review

The Rolex Submariner Ceramic No-Date 114060 was first introduced in Baselworld 2012. It was loved by traditionalists and created for new watch enthusiasts alike. With just subtle changes, Rolex once again released a watch that made a big difference and profound impact on the watch community. Watch Lovers, such as ourselves, appreciate the vintage vibe that the lack of date provides.

Rolex Submariner

Original Rolex Submariner watches released in the 1950s dd not have dates. The 114060 is a tribute to these original models. Not everyone is a fan of the cyclops magnifier lens that is incorporated into the sapphire crystal to read the date better on most Rolex models, so the elimination of the date lends to an iconic and classic design. Additionally, there is no need to adjust the date. It takes less time to set and is more simple when just setting the time.

The more simple dial and the perfectly symmetrical elements lend to a very elegant finish. Constructed with a non-corrosive case made of 904L steel, the Rolex Submariner Ceramic No-Date was a Rolex model made to not only extend generations but to truly be a workhorse of a timepiece.

rolex submariner watch bands

Encased inside the watch is the Rolex caliber 3130, which features a parachrom hairspring and power reserve of 48 hours. The in-house mechanical movement is both accurate & serviceable. This simple yet stellar movement is a good workhorse and is, of course, Swiss COS Chronometer certified.

The case changed just slightly with the longer lugs with a wider structure. This combination lends for a very comfortable fit. The 40mm case wears well on both small and large wrists. The case shape is a bit more angular and chunkier than the older versions. With a slightly redesigned case, the Submariner Ceramic No Date 14060 also features a new bezel and new bracelet elements.

rolex submariner watch strap

Following along the aim of creating a life-long watch that can be passed down from generation to generation, the new bezel is made of Cerachrom which is pretty much scratchproof and corrosive resistant. It also doesn’t fade over time. Additionally, the chromalight emits a blue glow verses the green lume on other Submariner models. The blue lume is a little more elegant in our opinion.

Finally, the bracelet system also changed significantly. The New Oysterlock safety clasp with the glidelock extension system allows for easy, millimeter adjustments to the bracelet. Wrists naturally expand and shrink due to different temperatures and climate, so this micro-adjustment ability is a phenomenal feature to incorporate. It also assists in easily adjusting the bracelet to fit over a diving suit.

Rolex has had decades to perfect the Submariner design and the newest generation Sub is at its best. Rolex has perfected the approach that subtle changes can make a big difference. The perfection is in the attention to detail.

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