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strapped watch company straps

And now let’s step away from the bustle of Basel for a bit and get back to our regular programming.

You might think it’s odd for us to review another strap maker. But we really don’t think of Shawn Lewandowski, the founder of Strapped Watch Company in Chicago, as competition. More like a brother in arms. And really, any competition in the watch world is friendly, right?

I chatted with Shawn for quite a while on the phone a month ago, just to find out his motivations and a little about his product.

In answer to my questions about his straps, he offered to make me one. So we spec’d one out over the phone. It arrived a few days ago and I’ve been wearing it on my 1967 Rolex Oyster Perpetual.

rolex oyster perpetual watch strap

The author’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual on a Strapped Watch Co. vintage style strap.

I have to say I loved the look, I loved the feel, and I loved the craftsmanship!

There are a ton of custom strap makers out there anymore. Check Instagram and you’ll quickly see what I mean. Shawn’s take on the custom world is a little different. First, he’s got his own line of “stock” straps, which sets his style.

But he also offers totally bespoke service. In fact, even his so-called stock straps are made as the orders come in.

People send him ideas, pictures, even the watches themselves. You choose the leather – even send him your old baseball glove, tattered leather jacket, or favorite old pair of jeans that’s no longer wearable. Personally, I like a tapered strap, and I need an extra long due to my 8-¼“ wrist. And I liked his vintage strap design. None of that is a problem at all for Shawn. And there’s no extra cost either, unless there are extra steps such as gluing old denim to leather backing.

Shawn will make the strap to your specifications, width, taper, length, style, just about anything you want. Prices range from about $85 to $120, and even though each strap is made to order, your strap will arrive seven to ten business days after you order it.

fabric watch bands swiss made rolex

Blue Jean Strap

More than half of Strapped Watch Company’s clientele is made up of guys who are into the micro brands and divers like Helson and its brethren. But the fact of the matter is Shawn’s straps look good on just about anything, and because they’re made to order, in the leather of your choice, they’ll fit anything for any occasion.

Check out more of Shawn’s work on Instagram and on his website.

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