Steel vs Strap

rolex rubber submariner watch strap

It’s the question at the very core of our business here at Everest Bands. Obviously the very best way to preserve the value and integrity of your steel watch bracelet is to simply not wear it. Instead, replace it with a NATO strap or, better yet, with a custom rubber or leather strap from Everest!

But there’s another question at work here. What’s most appropriate for each season of the year? Or, if you wear your watch in many different situations, what’s appropriate for each situation?

watch band for rolex submariner

No question, a Rolex watch looks great on its original metal bracelet! And in the summertime, contrary to what a lot of guys think of using May through August, steel is going to be the easiest to keep clean and free from the dirt and grime that inevitably builds up during the hot and sweaty dog days.

A lot of guys think NATO however, and there’s no denying the color choices and style ranges available with that option. But I’ve always been a little concerned with the tight fit of a NATO.

Leather is often the best choice for the cooler winter months. Less sweat, dirt, and grime to build up when it’s cooler out (sweat and dirt are not leather’s friends). That’s when an Everest leather strap is a great choice. You’ve got your pick of styles and end link vs. fitted leather. One’s a little dressier than the other, but both are great choices for an upscale look on a Rolex sport model.

leather watch strap rolex sea dweller

But you know what? The original Everest rubber strap is a great all around choice for summer, winter, business casual (whatever that is anymore), or an active weekend.

rolex gmt master watch band

RolexDiver’s BLNR on an Everest Rubber strap

And yes, when you’re not going to be wearing your Rolex in a high-risk situation, by all means put it back on the steel (or gold). with all the strap choices you have available, there’s no reason to keep to one look.

rolex watch band gmt

Rolex Diver’s BLNR back on steel

Variety, after all, is the spice of life!

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