Speculating on the Rolex Milgauss

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Many predicted and wanted an update to the Rolex Milgauss during the 2020 new product announcements from the crown. But amidst the excitement for the new Submariners and Oyster Perpetuals, there was no news on the Milgauss, which hasn’t been changed since 2007.

At the time of this publication the Milgauss and Explorer II are the only steel Rolex sports models that one can possibly purchase from a retailer without joining a waitlist. If we had a choice of which Milgauss we’d like to purchase, it would be the black dial, green sapphire, orange-accented model M116400GV-0001.

rolex milgauss

Photo courtesy of Bob’s Watches

The Milgauss was created in 1956 as a watch intended for people who work in environments that subject its wearer to powerful magnetic fields, which has the potential to disrupt the accuracy of mechanical watches. Rolex explains on its official website, “it can withstand magnetic fields of up to 1,000 gauss. Hence its name, ‘mille’, which is French for one thousand. The first watch of its kind, the Milgauss combines unique aesthetics and scientific heritage.”

The Milgauss hasn’t been changed since 2007, so we’re guessing that there will be some change in this lineup in 2021.

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With a 40mm case size, Oyster bracelet and subtle quirks, the Milgauss is a strong candidate for an investment piece or simply as a fantastic daily wearer. Just because it’s overshadowed by the SubmarinerGMT-Master II and Daytona lines, it still represents the best attributes of a steel sport model Rolex. It’s not as unconventional as the current model Air-King (which shares the same case as the Milgauss but a mixed-element dial that divides opinions), but it has a unique look mostly because of its lightning bolt seconds hand.

The green sapphire covering the dial is also a subtle marker of the Milgauss, and Bob’s Watches reports that it's the first and only Rolex model to feature a colored glass.

Wearing a Milgauss says a lot about its owner in that he or she is not one that necessarily wants to fit in with the pack. Those in the know will appreciate the Milgauss as being an oddball within a lineup of Rolex’s core models.

rolex milgauss

Photo courtesy of The Watch Club

Also, you can still purchase a Milgauss on the secondhand market without a dramatic markup associated with other popular Rolex steel sport models. If you can find the discontinued white dial variant, you would own a piece that will be very much sought after in the years to come. You can’t go wrong with the black, sunburst blue or white dial versions, as they are all unconventionally good-looking watches.

And, of course, you have to strap on an Everest Rubber watch band for your Rolex Milgauss. A Swiss-made watch band for a Swiss-made watch. The multiple strap colors compliment and play off of the Rolex Milgauss models' various colors and accents. You can find more inspiration by Shopping our Instagram.

rolex milgauss

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