Some Watch Memes to Get You Through the Day

Some Watch Memes to Get You Through the Day

Before my time at Everest, watch memes were a regular feature in the Journal. Beyond their comic relief in the overly-serious world of watch collecting, memes are time capsules of community sentiment: reflecting the thoughts, feelings, and frustrations of watch nerds at a particular point in time. Today, I’d like to share a few of my recent favorites, all from @watchumor on Instagram. 

Seiko SSK001 vs. Rolex GRNR

Seiko SSK vs. Rolex GMT

When Rolex introduced the grey-and-black ‘GRNR’ bezel back in 2023, I mentioned in my coverage that the insert “honestly reminds me of the Seiko SSK001,”. One year later, the steel version is here, and it’s a dead ringer. I love that Seiko beat Rolex to the punch here, and admittedly, I’ve referred to the new GRNR as a ‘Seiko homage’ more than once. 

Swatch Reaper Knocking on Snoopy’s Door

Snoopy Watch Meme

This was posted on January 26th (my birthday), months before Swatch released their Snoopy Moonswatches. That’s right, @watchumor called this one like Babe Ruth in ‘32. Maybe he manifested it. Maybe, much like Seiko and their foresight to make a grey-and-black GMT, our guy @watchumor has ESP. As a Moonswatch and ‘Thrifty Fathoms’ owner myself, I quite like these Swatch collabs, but I realize the annoyance and frustration they cause amongst collectors. Are they appropriately priced? No. Do they cheapen the respective brands’ images? I don’t think so, at least not yet. Are they effective in attracting new customers to the Swiss watch industry? Absolutely, and that was Swatch’s founding principle.

In-House Movements: 2024 vs. 1600s

In-House Watch Movements Meme

Even funnier than this meme are its comments. The 1916 Company’s Jack Forster dropped a paragraph pointing out differences between watchmaking in the 1600s vs. the 2020s, citing scale, precision, and hand craftsmanship. Others shook their digital fists claiming that watch brands are lying to us about movement manufacturing costs. One guy gratefully acknowledged that he’s just happy to have indoor plumbing in our little slice of human history. Me too, @thehappywrist. Me too.

GMT Utility

GMT Complication Watch Meme

I feel personally attacked with this one. Although I rarely wear a GMT, I still think of it as one of the more practical complications. I seldom use chronographs when I wear them, moon phases are unnecessary to my day-to-day life (no matter how cool they are), most mechanical alarms hurt my ears, etc. Other than a day, date, and maybe a power reserve indicator, I considered the GMT to top the list when it comes to utility. However, this meme got me thinking about my GMT usage. I realized, like an adult unearthing a childhood memory, that the only time I’ve ever found GMTs remotely useful is while traveling to Europe. I do that about once a year. Congratulations, @watchumor. You’ve humbled me.

Final Thoughts

If you like these memes and want to enjoy them without some guy’s two cents attached, check out @watchumor on Instagram. I hope you enjoyed the few I included; let us know what you think in the comments below!

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