Skeletonized Rolex watches by Skeleton Concept

Skeletonized Rolex watches by Skeleton Concept

Cut by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, wide receiver Antonio Brown has managed to stay in the news for issues other than his mental health. His skeletonized version of the “HULK” 116610LV Submariner is selling for $91,344 and features orange accents, a two-tone rhodium plating, an orange rotor and a custom date wheel.

All photos by Skeleton Concept

Customizer Skeleton Concept of France specializes in exposing the movement through the dial and giving each of its creations extra details, often colored add-on components to create custom Rolex watches that are quite striking. Setting aside the price, most Rolex purists would scoff at manipulating a base Rolex watch to this extent. As purveyors of aftermarket straps we are all for customizing your Rolex. We are of the view that one can do whatever one wants to with a watch. 

Skeletonized watches are not uncommon. One of our favorites is the skeletonized Cartier Santos, which maintains the essence of that model and offers an exciting flourish to a more conservation look. The basic idea of being able to see a mechanical watch movement in action all the time is a concept we can get on board with. Well executed skeletonized watches are still relatively easy to tell time with.

Skeleton Concept caters to a clientele that clearly has enough money to afford both standard Rolex watches as well as its complex customizations. Whether or not the work required to manipulate these Rolex watches is on par with the prices is not the point. Creatives who have customers willing to pay for their creations is all that is needed for a business to succeed.

We at Everest love seeing companies like Skeleton Concept exist. Our hobby, after all, is about fun and sometimes we should simply appreciate that there are so many options available for us to be inspired by. Of course we are naturally biased towards our products, but we believe that our straps can give your Rolex a custom look without breaking the bank. Companies like Skeleton Concept simply inspire us to get as creative as possible with our strap designs.

It’s not often that Rolex’s sturdy movements are celebrated visually. Custom Watch Concepts sells clear sapphire casebacks for various Rolex models for just over $200. The enthusiastic members of the Rolex Forum have mostly voiced a clear “no” on the idea, but we’re not against it. We realize Rolex movements don’t have much decoration, but it’s still a cool customization if you would like to see your movement.

Are you into customizing your watches? Let us know in the comments below.

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