Rubber Straps for Rolex Watches

Rubber Straps for Rolex Watches

Rolex watches, with the exception of the Oysterflex on the Everrose Yacht-Master and precious metal Daytonas, do not come with a rubber bracelet option.

Why did we at Everest decide to focus on rubber straps for Rolex watches? Because we love the look and feel of rubber straps and we love Rolex watches. We also so a need in the marketplace for a better rubber strap, one that would feel comfortable out of the box and also have a sleep appearance that one might imagine would come as original equipment on a Rolex watch.

Rubber Straps for Rolex Watches

Obviously, when it comes to water sports, swimming, and diving a rubber strap really comes in handy. Rubber sheds water easily and its flexible quality allows it to withstand bumps against a pool edge or oxygen tank easily. Everest rubber straps also help balance out the weight of the watch head on the wrist. This is especially noticeable on bigger watches such as the Deepsea Sea-Dweller. Everest strap owners praise how comfortable their DSSDs become one outfitted with our rubber strap.

Rubber straps are not created equal. We spent a lot of time and money to create a perfect curved end fit to the exacting standards of Rolex watch case dimensions. Ours are Swiss-made from the best vulcanized rubber that is pliable enough to be extremely comfortable yet rigid enough to hold its shape.

Rubber Straps for Rolex Watches

Everest currently offers curved end rubber straps for Submariners, GMT Master II, Explorer I&II, Daytona, Air-King (current model), Sea-Dweller (including 4000 and 50th Anniversary models), Yacht-Master, 39mm Oyster Perpetual and modern Datejust models.

What is the Rolex Oysterflex Bracelet?

It looks and feels like a rubber strap, but Rolex calls its Oysterflex a bracelet because it contains a metal blade which is covered with a black elastomer. Underneath the “bracelet” there are fins for ventilation and water shedding. The Oysterflex bracelet using Rolex’s proprietary Easylink extension system.

While we admire everything Rolex does, the existence of the Oysterflex shows that even Rolex, to some degree, believes that their watches look good on rubber straps. So if you were every worried about straying from the original design intent of Rolex, don’t worry, someone in their design department believes in the look. Our rubber straps are widely available for a range of models and are easy to install. Feel free to customize your Rolex without losing the spirit of its overall look. 

Why opt for a rubber strap for your Rolex?

Aside from the aforementioned durability and comfort, we at Everest love customizing the look of our Rolex watches. Swapping out your bracelet for a rubber strap gives your watch a whole new look and feel. Our rubber straps also allow for more visual focus on the beauty and details of the watch head.

For instance, pairing a green or orange rubber strap to black dial watch really livens up the entire wrist presence. BLNR owners love using a blue rubber strap to bring out the blue in the ceramic bezel insert. 

Rubber Straps for Rolex Watches

Tang Buckle or Original Clasp?

In the spirit of maintaining the design language fo Rolex sport watches we offer our customers to use the original clasp on certain Rolex models. For example, the Glidelock clasp that comes with the Ceramic Submariner, for example, can be used with our rubber straps, providing a very clean look. Simply count how many links you have currently sized for your bracelet and order the corresponding combination detailed on our product pages. 

Others simply prefer the tried-and-true simplicity of our tang buckles. Our buckles have been praised by our customers as having a robust and secure feel. Many choose our tang buckle option to avoid wear on their original Rolex bracelets including the clasp.

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