Roundup of our Favorite Watch Podcasts

roundup of our favorite watch podcasts

During the pandemic we’ve spent more time catching up with podcasts about watches. After all, we aren’t likely to gather for an in-person meetup of watch enthusiasts. Therefore, a quality audio discussion on watches helps us feel part of a conversation about our hobby.

While there are many watch-themed podcasts available, we’ve gathered just some of our favorites. As a disclaimer, being in the industry, we do know some of the people behind these productions. Even if we didn’t, we’d wholeheartedly recommend that you give these podcasts a try. Each has its own style, and we find that we usually know if we are going to click with a certain podcast just minutes into an episode.

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Image courtesy of Hodinkee


While the “Talking Watches” video series may be the preeminent online watch digest’s flagship product, its podcast, hosted by senior editor Stephen Pulvirent, has proven to be equally representative of the deep dive into topics related to the watch industry.

This is a podcast that really gets into the people behind the watches, and we’ve really enjoyed the interviews with the staff members of Hodinkee, which allows us to really get to know the personalities behind the editorial voices of Hodinkee. Interviews with writers Jon Bues and James Stacey, for example, shed new light on the articles they’ve penned for the publication.

Hodinkee Radio also gets a diverse range of big names as guests such as vintage expert Eric Ku, actor James Marsden and sports figures like Rory McIlroy.

In addition to interviews, Hodinkee Radio features roundtable discussions on the industry, delivering comprehensive coverage of business news and the latest releases. Note: Sometimes episodes, such as the one with comedian Jeff Garlin (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”), will drift predominantly into non-watch-related discussions, but we find these to worth our time too.

watch podcasts

Photo courtesy of Worn & Wound


Worn & Wound has always offered a distinctive voice within the watch industry. Founders Zach Weiss and Blake Malin started the online magazine as a way to give more affordable watches proper coverage, filling a void for watch publications. Its companion podcast has a wonderful free-flowing nature to it and delivers an honest discussion on watches that feels very spontaneous.

We love that the team chooses very focused topics such as “9 Great Watches Between $3,500 and $5,000" or “Watches We Regret Selling” to give the listener a thorough exploration of a theme. 

The Worn & Wound Podcast also has some of the best interviews with the people who make the watches and have included guests such as VJ Geronimo of Oris, Bradley Price of Autodromo and Steve Laughlin of Raven Watches, among many others.


We love our friends in the Nashville watch scene and Kat and Katlan deliver a strong addition to the watch podcast world that just happens to be from the female perspective. Let’s just acknowledge that the watch enthusiast crowd is predominantly men and can get a bit too pedantic, and Kat and Katlan provide a refreshing open attitude towards watches that we appreciate.

In addition to their own takes on topics such as “What’s Your Next Watch?,” Tenn and Two has a colorful selection of guests, such as Daniel Yong, a Grand Seiko collector and school teacher from Sydney, Australia, and YouTube watch sensation Jenni Elle.


James Stacey and Jason Heaton are two of our favorite dudes in the watch world. Their podcast is described as “a loose discussion of travel, diving, driving, gear and most certainly watches,” and it certainly lives up to its self-described billing and more. On a recent episode, James goes off about the bad sound quality of audio in his Jeep and in another episode the duo waxes poetic about the virtues of the Patagonia Nano Puff down jacket. 

The hosts are both major outdoor enthusiasts, so if you are seeking watch-related coverage that leans towards adventure, The Grey NATO is for you. Note: Everest straps have been featured in Episodes 79 and 104 and you can checkout the straps mentioned here.

watch podcasts

Image Courtesy of Beyond the Dial


One watch podcast that has caught our attention is produced by veteran watch journalist Allen Farmelo, writer for Gear Patrol and Worn & Wound, and his own blog and podcast Beyond the Dial.

Allen thinks deeply about the analog vs. digital world and is just a general very knowledgeable fan of horology. If topics such as “Spiritual Materialism: How Watches Take On Significance and Meaning” or “How a Watch’s Design Affects Our Perception of Time” sound like topics you’d want to get into, check out Beyond the Dial.

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