Rolex Submariner Owners Review Everest Bands

rolex submariner surrounded by many everest bands straps

The Rolex Submariner is an instant classic and its aesthetic is nearly instantly recognizable to all generations. While it may technically be a dive watch, it is incredibly versatile and looks great on just about everyone. Even with updates or different dial colors, its iconic status remains with its overall design, and that is why the Rolex Submariner will forever be so popular. It’s hard not to like the Rolex submariner. The sub is like New York cheese pizza, sunsets on the beach, 5 week old puppies, Ted Lasso: Just absolutely impossible not to love.

Overall it’s just an iconic, versatile and classic watch, and we are happy to say that thousands upon thousands of Rolex Submariner wearers enjoy their Subs even more after they strap on an Everest Band. Let’s look at some images sent to us by real customers and read what they have to say.

rolex submariner on rubber strap on arm while sky diving

Shown above: Rolex Submariner on Curved End Black Rubber Strap in black

This strap exceeded all expectations. Incredibly comfortable, light weight, high quality option that integrates with the OEM clasp and fits the contours of the case perfectly. Rolex won’t put the iconic Submariner on an Oysterflex and they don’t have to, Everest did it perfectly. - Stephen N.

Everest bands are a great company and really change the look of my submariner. Thank you for a great transaction! - Joe S.

Love this, wearing my Sub way more now - Adam B.

I could not be more thrilled with my new Everest Band for my Rolex Submariner. I’ve never been a huge fan on a 16610, but this rubber strap has given my sub new life. I haven’t taken it off in weeks! I’m going to get my sub serviced by RSC this year, and will install the oyster for that. When it gets back, I will remove it and I suspect the Everest will stay in until I need my next service. - Mark S

two rolex submariners on rubber straps from everest bands.

Shown above: Curved End Rubber Deployant Straps for Rolex Submariner

This band completely changes my watch. I have a ref. number 16610 Sub and rarely wore it. Now with the green Everest Band, it has become my everyday watch. It is very comfortable, supple, great looking, and makes the watch very casual. I actually get lots of compliments on the band, but rarely any on the watch… - Peter B.

It’s incredibly comfortable and supple the minute you receive it. It’s easy to install, great looking and just feels great on the wrist. - Mark S.

Easy to install, looks great, feels comfortable! - Monica M.

Super comfortable (flexible rubber and arched shape around my wrist).. super casual... high quality (looks like it may last for many years).. Xo -Michael

blue rubber strap on rolex submariner

Shown Above: Curved End Rubber Strap for Rolex Submariner in blue

The blue on the band matches the blue on the watch perfectly. The band also fits very well. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time. -Bj. D

Blue Color matches up very nice on my 16613 submariner. strap quality appears to to be solid and can take a beating great for everyday activity very comfortable. - Omar A.

About 50 years ago I purchased a Rolex Submariner watch. Not only was it a timepiece it was a showpiece. I’ve worn this watch everyday and over all those years it has sustained much abuse. In the last few months the stainless steel watchband started to breakdown and was no longer sustainable. I needed a replacement which would be strong, reliable and good looking. I found that in the Everest watchband. Now, once again I have after 50 years I have a showpiece once again. - Larry G.

rolex submariner onblack rubber strap worn by woman in bikini

Shown Above: Curved End rubber strap for Rolex Submariner in Black. Available in regular length and short length!

Flat out love it. Fits perfectly and looks sporty. - Blake M.

Strap fits very well. Haven’t had for very long but has done well in salt water thus far. Overall incredibly happy with the strap. - Cline M

Feels like a completely different watch. I end up reaching for the submariner much more often with the new band. - Andrew S.

Very happy with black rubber band on black face two-tone Submariner. A whole new look. - Gregory T.

two rolex watches both on rubber straps

Shown above: Curved End Rubber Strap in white on a No-Date Sub and black rubber strap on a Rolex Daytona

Fantastic in every way. Product is virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the factory Rolex watch. Fit was perfect the first time. Packaging and delivery were also perfect. What a great product sold by a fine organization. - Richard J

Outstanding! Should’ve done a long time ago. - Mark B.

Very happy with black rubber band on black face two-tone Submariner. A whole new look. - Gregory T.

rolex submariner on gray rubber

Shown Above: Everest Curved End Rubber strap with tang buckle in Gray

Grey strap looks great on the Sub. -Phillip L.

The band fit perfectly to my sub and with the tool kit installed in less than 5 minutes. It was so easy I might buy a couple more. - Michael Z.

Great quality worthy of my Rolex. - Salvador C.

rolex submariner on leather racing strap

@kicktoc    Shown above: The Curved End Leather Racing Strap with tang buckle

Perfect fit very sporty and elegant - Alejandra T

Completely addicted to this brand. Awesome product. - Thomas W.

Absolutely love this band and the difference it makes to the appearance of my Submariner. - Eric. L

rolex submariner on tan leather

Shown above: Everest Curved End Leather Deployant Strap in Tan

I have six Everest straps now, the latest being a tan leather. Amazing quality for a very reasonable price. 100/100 again! - Daniel D.

Great leather band for Rolex Sub - Richard H.

Beautiful strap. High Quality product. You get what you pay for. Great communication from the company. Answered all my questions! - Conrad R.

Perfect fit great leather - Ibraim D.

rolex submariner on patented steel end link tan leather band from everest

Shown Above is the Everest Patented Steel End-Link Leather Strap in in tan

Very nice strap with an excellent fit.  Also the shipment was fast so I am very satisfied. Jan F.

Craftsmanship is superb. Material top notch. Fit and finish excellent. Michael B.

Great customer service. Packaging first rate. Fit perfect. I love my new band!! Bob A.

Absolutely outstanding! I first thought it was a bit pricey, but worth it! Fit perfect! the charts. Look deserving of my SS/Gold Sub! Gonna order another immediately! - Ji W.

curved end nylon strap on rolex submariner

Shown Above: Everest Curved End Nylon Strap (tang buckle).

Just awesome. It’s my second Everest strap and I can’t imagine owning anything else. - Cody L.

Fit is perfect. Took approximately 5 minutes to install This is my 5th strap from your company Delivery was also very fast. - Lee T

rolex submariner on black rubber everest bands in water

Shown Above: Everest Curved End Rubber Strap in Black- deployant version . Also available in blue, green, gray, red, white, and orange.

Great product. This strap also allows you to keep the deployment buckle, which includes the quick adjust feature of the sub for putting over wetsuit etc. - John  L.

Black rubber band for ROLEX 16610. As good as hoped, excellent customer service, will buy bands from them in the future. - John B.

Very well made and super comfortable to wear. So far I’ve switched 6 of my watches to rubber straps with tang buckle. - Wayne S.

Excellent quality and quick delivery! The best customer service! Very happy with the outcome of all the bands I’ve purchased from them! - Warren B

A great product, more comfortable than the original Rolex bracelet. - Scott J

Fit is perfect. Took approximately 5 minutes to install This is my 5th strap from your company Delivery was also very fast. - Lee T.

Watch Accessories for Rolex Submariner Wearers

Just as much as Rolex Submariner wearers love our straps, they also love our extremely high quality watch rolls to protect and display their watches. The flat bottom intentionally keeps the roll from moving around on your dresser and the sliding rail system with compressible pillows makes it easy to store watches of any wrist size either on a strap or on bracelet. The full grain Italian nappa leather is gorgeous and a perfect complement to your watch collection. The Vegan Cork is an eco-friendly, stylish and sustainable alternative to leather.

4 watches in a blue leather watch roll

Shown Above: Everest Leather Watch Roll for 4 Watches in Navy

 A luxury item that does the job. Arrived beautifully wrapped and I wasn’t disappointed with the 3 watch roll. The blue leather looked great and is made by craftsmen or women. The interior and the watch holders are great, securing each watch individually preventing any scratching from its neighbour. Somebody has put a lot of thought into this design including the flat bottom of the watch roll which prevents it rolling around. The watches look beautifully presented when the roll is opened.

I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you - Christopher J.

leather watch roll for 3 watches espresso brown color

Shown Above: Everest Leather Watch Roll for 3 watches in Espresso Brown

Beautiful Product that was thoughtfully executed. - Levi S.

I just recently purchased the Everest watch roll that holds three watches. I am pleased with the sleek design. I have two watches that are a 44m and 45m, both fit great. If you are in the market for a watch roll and not sure what one to buy, get the Everest you won’t be disappointed. - Kent R.

Love it. I was a little worried about aligning and snapping the three snaps, but so far it works great and no issues at all. Cushions are decent, but what’s great is how they slide into the base, keeping the watch “floating” instead of pushed against the case. I will be getting a second one soon. - John M.

cork watch roll with sliding rail system from everest

Shown Above: Everest Watch Roll for 3 Watches in Vegan Cork

Purchased 1 and liked it so much I ordered 4 additional cases. Very nicely made. I especially like the slide in watch roll which is more secure and convenient than the snap in versions. - Noah W.

Beautiful high-quality watch roll with soft rich leather. The interior also looks and feels luxurious. Each Watch pillow can be slid out and completely removed instead of removing the entire interior roll like some brands (Wolf). I have very small wrists and have struggled with the diameter of the interior roll being too large for my watches. No such problem with this watch roll. This is an expensive watch roll but worth every penny. The materials and craftsmanship are exquisite. - Jason J.

2 rolex submariners in a blue leather watch roll

Shown Above: Everest Leather Watch Roll for 2 Watches in Navy 

I've bought a couple bands and other small accessories from Everest. All have been very high quality, reliable products. The watch roll is no different and is very nice!.. the leather outside looks and feels great and the overall construction is solid. It works perfectly for traveling with a few of your babies and knowing they're protected. A bit expensive and was kind of a "treat" to myself, but overall I'm quite pleased. Highly recommended. - Brian R.

This is just a small collection of the thousands of Everest customers who are thrilled with their purchases and who emphatically give our products nearly 3,000 glowing 5-star reviews. The creators of Everest are watch collectors and watch lovers ourselves, so we are obsessed with creating the highest quality straps for Rolex owners. Our straps are designed in the USA, but entirely Swiss-Made, which means that they are made to the highest, most precise standard in the entire world. Our accessories are exquisitely and meticulously designed which is why most customers own more than one Everest watch roll, strap, or pouch. We’d love to see you get new life out of your Rolex Submariner with our products. Tag us on instagram at #everestbands to possibly be featured on our site. Thank you for your support and your love of all things horology.



Note: our straps fit a wide variety of Rolex Submariner models including Ref. 14060, 14060M, 116610 (+ gold varieties), 114060 (+ gold varieties), 11610, 16800 (+ gold varieties), Vintage Ref. 5512, 5513, 1680. We are always creating straps for even more models. Check the site to find your model of Rolex Submariner to ensure a perfect fit.

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