Rolex Submariner 116610 – The Submariner Perfected!

Rolex Submariner 116610 – The Submariner Perfected!

Many have watched the Rolex Submariner change over almost seventy years. The truth is that even Rolex is not sure which model to identify as the true birth of the Submariner. It is debatable if the 6204 or the 6205 model was the first true Submariner in 1954. One thing for sure is that they have perfected the Submariner with the new 116610 model. It has an incredible Ceramic Bezel insert with platinum numbering, a robust case that is water resistant to 300m or 1000 feet, the amazing solid link bracelet with the Glidelock claps, etc. etc. – the list is endless. The heart of the new Submariner is the Rolex caliber 3135, which was also in the previous version of the Submariner, the 16610.  The 3135 Rolex movement was released in 1988, and has been their work horse movement for almost all of their men’s date watches. This movement has been made famous with its crescent shaped bridge balance wheel. The double sided bridge is not only gorgeous but also helps ensure that the balance wheel beats accurately and  keeps practically perfect time (COSC standards, nothing less). As always, the heart of the Rolex is encased in the now infamous, oyster case. Cut from a single block of 904L stainless steel, the submariner case is practically perfect. The new case has a more robust look then the previous cases, with larger lugs and increased crown guards. The additional girth of these two items, makes the 40mm Submariner Oyster case look much larger.

 Rolex Submariner 116610

One item that has been forgotten for the new or past submariners is the option of a Rubber strap. The Everest Band, our Rubber replacement strap, perfectly integrates with the Rolex Glidelock bracelet and the Rolex Submariner case. Everest is the first and only vulcanized Swiss Rubber strap maker that integrates both with the Rolex case and the Glidelock clasp. Our design is perfect and mimics the oyster bracelet look and function. Everest and the Submariner are the perfect combination of class and rugged modern performance.


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