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The Everest Journal

by Michael DiMartini June 23, 2013 1 min read

The Rolex Deepsea Challenge from 2012 and the Rolex Deep Sea Special from 1960 are the two deepest experimental diving watches of all time. It is no surprise to all of us at Everest that Rolex has created the ultimate diving watch, even if it is not humanily possible to go to that depth. The Rolex Deepsea challenge, a unique watch created by Rolex, was able to reach 12,000 meters below sea level or more then 39,000 feet below sea level. The Deepsea challenge takes its distinct look from the Rolex DSSD or Deepsea Sea-Dweller. Both Rolex watches are amazing feats of engineering.


Rolex Sea Dweller

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Michael DiMartini
Michael DiMartini

Michael is the creator of the Everest strap system.

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