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For some people, Rolex’s bracelet epitomizes the brand’s signature look. There’s no doubt that we recognize the quality of their bracelets, but we also love swapping the stock bracelets out for leather straps—even on Submariners or Sea-Dwellers. May we even dare to say especially Rolex dive watches! The contrast between a refined leather strap and a rugged tool watch makes for a look that stands out from the pack.

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Adding a leather strap to Rolex sports watch gives it much more versatility. The look not only works (in our opinion) when dressed in a suit, but it also can add a level of sophistication on a Saturday afternoon with jeans and a T-shirt.

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Which style of leather?

The beauty of leather is that it can play on the dial color and really bring out the beauty of certain watch styles. Black leather and gold is a classic combination, whereas brown works especially well with lighter dials such as white or blue.

Our premium leather straps also provide a level of all-day comfort we’ve grown to love. Buttery soft leather watch straps get better with wear, conforming to the wearer’s wrist shape and breaking in with wear marks that are unique to the owner.

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Leather can also decrease the weight of the watch in its entirety, so you don’t notice it on the wrist as much as with the bracelet. It’s a matter of personal preference, but definitely a factor in the decision process.


One of the most natural fits for leather is the all-time classic Datejust. The 36mm case looks extremely refined and cuts down on the overall bling factor, which can be useful in many situations. A Datejust on leather oozes pure class. The Everest version has a curved end so it fits perfectly against the case, which makes it look as it was made for your specific Rolex model.

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Case fitment perfection is in the DNA of Everest and we worked very hard to deliver a product that you wear proudly as a conversation starter.

Submariner and Sea-Dwellers

One of our favorite looks is a tan leather strap contrasting against a black dial. Of course, a brown strap on a Hulk helps tame the sunburst green and we can’t gush enough about the look of a black leather strap on a yellow gold Submariner. 

In life the most stylish people go against the grain. Many top people who work in fashion in design are known to pair made-to-measure tweed sport coats with well-worn Levis 501s. We think dive watches paired with leather straps looks fantastic with the rough edges of the 904L steel case resting against our Italian vegetable tanned leather. It’s the cold hard lines made more approachable by well-worn leather draped around the wrist.


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GMT-Master II

Leather also looks good on the Rolex GMT-Master line because as a watch originally designed for pilots as they cross time zones. Airline travel in the old days meant dressing up; achieving a more dressed-up look really looks appropriate. 

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Brown straps provide a suave and sophisticated look that really complements the detailed bezel inserts well. Leather on Rolex GMTs are one of our favorite combos.

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So when it comes to leather replacement straps for Rolex, we really urge you to give it a shot. Check out our full line of leather straps for Rolex here.

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