Rolex Replacement Bracelets are not all Created Equal

Rolex Replacement Bracelets are not all Created Equal

 The Everest Rubber Rolex Strap is far superior to the common Rolex replacement bracelets on the market today. The Everest Band is a Swiss made rubber strap that’s designed specifically for Rolex watches. The Rolex replacement bracelets on Ebay ,Amazon or other online market places are not made to the high standards that Everest Swiss replacement bracelets are. One of the drawbacks with after market Rolex replacement bracelets is quality, some of them have sharp unfinished edges that look and feel cheap. Screws tend to fall out or strip the threading when installing it. Also, the end link does not fit perfectly in to the lugs of the case. Once installed, some bands will even squeak – which can be really annoying. Even when only worn for a short period of time, they tend to fall apart easily. You’ll be lucky to find a company with any kind of honorable return policy or a working toll-free number. You’re pretty much stuck in most cases if it’s an internet purchase.

Rolex Submariner Rubber strap

One of the more common problems on the replacement bands is the 1.8 or or sometimes 1.5 mm spring bar hole -when Rolex calls for 2mm spring holes. Most of the aftermarket metal bracelets are over-priced with sub par quality making for a bad investment . Everest rubber watch bands make it a clear winner when replacing the Rolex bracelet. Some of the immediate benefits of the Everest replacement band for the Rolex Submariner include that it’s designed and manufactured in Switzerland, which is where the Rolex watch was originally made to begin with. Let’s face it, when it comes to precision and cutting-edge technology especially with time pieces, I’m relying on the Swiss. Some of the positives when dealing with Everest Horology for a new rubber replacement band or bracelet is we have not one, but two customer service departments, one in the UK and one in the US to service your needs. For all of your Rolex rubber strap or bracelet questions, we have a 24 hour online support structure. Everest utilizes the highest level of quality possible. Not only is it made in Switzerland, it is Vulcanized (durable yet soft) rubber that exceeds all FDA specs. It’s completely adjustable to fit almost all wrist sizes (Over 1000 combinations of sizing!).

Rolex Rubber strap

The Everest rubber replacement band for the Rolex Submariner not only looks great, it’s extremely comfortable and is completely water-proof. Your investment in your Rolex timepiece must sustain its value, and with an Everest product, it will. Our Rubber replacement bracelet is perfect for you Rolex because it was designed specifially for it. Do not trust other aftermarket replacement bracelets, they just will never compare to the Everest Band!

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