Rolex on YouTube

Rolex on YouTube

Recently, we noticed that has a new Rolex channel with some incredible videos. The section of YouTube is: The Rolex Channel. Rolex is taking a look at its history, manufacturing and those who it endorses. Recently, Rolex was involved in an incredible deep sea dive that the famed director James Cameron was involved in. Rolex takes a look back at its history and the Sea-Dweller in a grouping of great videos about current and past events that show how amazing the Deepsea Challenge watch is, the Trieste submarine and deep sea exploration.

The Rolex channel includes a grouping of great videos on the current sports figures and events as well. Tiger Woods, famed golfer and world celebrity has been part of the Rolex family off and on over the last decade. Originally, Tiger Woods was part of the Tudor marketing campaign for the Tudor Chronograph. Today, Rolex has put him in the spotlight as one of their most impressive sports figures.

It is a great addition to Youtube and gives enjoyable reference for Rolex Enthusiasts. We have included one of our favorite videos in this post!

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