News Update on Rolex Manufacturing

News Update on Rolex Manufacturing

Ten days have passed, and Rolex’s doors are still closed after their announcement on the 17th which we discuss here. Since then, the Swiss government has released guidelines about the “extraordinary situation” that they have declared which is in effect until April 19th. Rolex will have to follow the protocols set into place and thus will remain closed. But, we look forward to seeing how they will assist in this situation because Rolex is always one to step up to the challenge. 

Following most countries, Switzerland has recommended social distancing and encouraged citizens to stay home. Switzerland has announced a countrywide ban on gatherings of more than five people. Additionally, manufacturing plants (if they follow criteria set down by federal authorities) are to cease operations. 

With Rolex watches being labeled as Swiss-Made, the watches must follow the standards defined by the Swiss law. So, Rolex continues to cease operations - as well as other Swiss-Made watch companies.

We have good news though! Even though Everest Bands are Swiss-Made, we took the necessary steps to ensure (very early on) that we would be prepared to continue to ship watch straps and accessories to you in a way that is both safe for our staff and for you.    

everest watch bands

So, take your #wristshots - especially for the upcoming #strapsaturday, and share them with us @everestbands while we await for Rolex’s doors to reopen. We do expect Rolex to go above and beyond during this time because they have always been swift in responding to historical and cultural events. So, we look forward to seeing how they will help not only their country but our watch community as well.

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