Rolex gives Scuba Diver’s Several Great Choices

Rolex gives Scuba Diver’s Several Great Choices

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner was introduced in the early 1950s with one of the original versions being Ref.6204 model, which is not to tremendously different in looks from the models available today. Here’s a look at various models of the Rolex Submariner divers watch line available.

The first one : Ref. 114060 Submariner (no date) comes equipped with the Rolex 3130 automatic movement with a power reserve of 48 hours. The case is stainless steel 904L, has the typical sapphire crystal and uni-directional bezel, and is certified to 300 meters- diameter of 40mm case size with the folding diver’s clasp with the diver’s extension.

 Rolex Submariner

The second is the Rolex Ref.116610LN Submariner with the date has the 3135 automatic movement also w/48 hour power reserve. Similar to the previously mentioned as far as sapphire crystal and rotating bezel and also certified to 300 meters with the divers extension. There is not too much difference from the first except that it does have the date option and updated movement.


The third is the Rolex Ref.116610LV Submariner – similar to the first and second models concerning the same 3135 automatic movement but is especially a gorgeous green face with the green rotating ceramic bezel. It is also 904L stainless steel with the sapphire crystal and certified to 300 meters and is the 40 mm size. It also incorporates the diver’s extension on the clasp.


The 4th is the Rolex Ref.116619LB Submariner – again,similar to the previous mentioned Subs; however, this is a stunning Rolex 18k White Gold version – adorning a beautiful, blue face and matching bezel. Since it is the 116 model, it also has the 3135 automatic movement and normal 48 hour power reserve. All the watches mentioned so far have the Rolex patented screw down crown that allows the watch to remain water proof. This Submariner has the date on the face. It is the normal 40 mm size and is 12.5 mm thick.

 Rolex Submariner Blue

The 5th is the Rolex Ref. 116613LB Submariner in the two-tone version. A beautiful combination of stainless and yellow gold, this Ref. 116613LB is a favorite of Rolex enthusiasts around the world. Again, being a part of the 116 model grouping, it carries the 3135 automatic movement  w/ typical 48 hour power reserve. Also, it has the scratch resistant sapphire crystal and unidirectional rotating bezel. The bracelet and clasp are 904L SS and gold with diver’s extension.

 Rolex Submariner two tone

The 6th is the Rolex Ref. 116613LN Submariner with date – also in the two-tone version thus sporting a black face and black ceramic bezel. This beautiful combination of 18k yellow gold and stainless steel w/ the 3135 automatic movement also has a 48 hour reserve. It houses the usual, scratch resistant sapphire crystal and is certified to 300meters diving depth. It is a 40 mm size and 904L stainless clasp with divers extension.

The 7th is the Rolex Ref. 116618LN. This Submariner is a stunning solid 18k yellow gold diver’s version – truly a Rolex’s flag ship and the watch to own for a dedicated Rolex enthusiast. I can’t say I’d wear it diving. This watch is beyond words as far as looks. Also, it has the 3135 automatic movement with 48 power reserve. Again, it has the standard scratch resistant sapphire crystal with the black unidirectional rotating bezel. The submariner is certified to 300 meters and incorporates the 18k  yellow gold folding clasp with diver’s extension.

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