Rolex & Everest, an Achievement of Success

Rolex & Everest, an Achievement of Success

We are always looking for something to show that we have achieved success. A Rolex watch is not only an item that shows one’s success, but it is a symbol of achievement. The watch itself is a symbol of completion of tasks and historically has been worn by those who have gone above and beyond the average person. Champions of the world have worn Rolex watches. Artists who have achieved incredible greatness, such as Picasso, Presley and Warhol. Politicians and leaders such as Eisenhower and Churchill have had a Rolex on their wrists when they were helping society or battling tyranny.

Rolex AchievementsAmazing picture from Jake’s Rolex online Magazine

No other watch other than Rolex has such a prestigious list of owners. Recently, Rolex changed its marketing slogan to “It doesn’t just tell time, it tells history.” This really is true when you realize that for over 100 years Rolex has been a symbol of not only success and achievement but also good will and creativity. We at Everest try to only improve the essence of such an amazing item. In the future, we will begin to show our clients new and exciting items that will improve their experiences with their Rolex.

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