Rolex 2023 New Releases - An Overview

Rolex GMT Master II Two Tone 2023 Release

We all awoke this morning to find the sun was shining a bit brighter than usual because today is the day--our favorite day of the year: The 2023 Rolex New Release Day. Starting right around 1:30AM CST, the Rolex website was freshly updated with all of the new releases we will undoubtedly come to obsess about (and perhaps groan over) in 2023 and for years to come. 

Today Rolex revealed new models and several updated/redesigned iterations of existing watch models. There was a new Rolex Daytona, new GMT Master II, new Oyster Perpetual, a brand new (but familiar-looking) watch called the 1908, a new Rolex Explorer, new Sky-Dweller and Rolex Day-Date iterations, and a titanium Yacht-Master that will for sure be a hot watch this year. There were also some popular models that have quietly disappeared from the Rolex website entirely… Let’s dive in.

Rolex Titanium Yacht-Master

Rolex Titanium Yacht-Master - 2023

In 2023, Rolex released a 42mm titanium Rolex Yacht-Master made from an ultra lightweight and durable grade 5 titanium alloy that Rolex calls RLX Titanium. Similar to the look and feel of the Yacht-Master from 2019, this model is equipped with a matte black cerachrom bezel insert with polished and raised numerals on the bezel. It comes on a satin-finished oyster bracelet with oysterlock clasp and easy link extension, and is sized at 42mm. It’s new, fresh, cool, lightweight, and will be a popular watch whether you own a yacht or not.

Rolex Reference 226627

MSRP: $14,050

Movement: Calibre 3235, Manufacture Rolex

2023 New Rolex Daytona

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of this iconic chronograph, the Rolex Daytona gets both a facelift and a new movement. The visual differences on this 40mm watch are subtle, but aficionados will notice a more aesthetically pleasing balance to the dial and sub-dials. Another subtle, but beautiful addition to this iteration of the Daytona is that on the cerachrom version, the edge of the bezel is trimmed with the same metal as the bracelet and case creating a polished and elevated look.

In a Daytona first, Rolex has adorned one iteration of the Daytona with a sapphire clear case-back, showcasing the 18ct gold oscillating weight and other beautiful movement components. This transparent caseback can be found on the 950 Platinum Daytona with ice blue dial. The movement of this cosomograph daytona is also new and is called the calibre 4131. This is an in-house movement created by Rolex for this model. It has all the bells and whistles of its previous iteration (the 4130) with an additional level of finishing and function. Some models come on steel oyster bracelet, while the gold version comes on a rubber oyster-flex strap.

Rolex Daytona: Reference 126506 (platinum), Reference 126505 (rose gold), Reference 126518LN (yellow gold on oysterflex).

MSRP: Price on Request (platinum), $42,500 (everose), $30,600 (yellow gold on oysterflex)

Movement: calibre 4131

2023 New Rolex GMT Master II

The Rolex GMT Master II is a classic staple of the Rolex catalog and we see it back again this year, but with 2 new iterations- a full yellow gold and a 2-tone variation. Rolex released the new GMT Master II in a brand new colorway- gold with gray and black ceramic bi-color bezel. Initially in photos the gray almost looks like a shine from the lighting, but this new iteration is in fact a bi-colored ceramic bezel with black on the top and a gray on the lower half of the bezel. This 40mm GMT Master II comes exclusively on a jubilee bracelet.

Rolex GMT Master II Reference: 126713GRNR (oyster steel and yellow gold), Reference 126718GRNR (yellow gold)

MSRP: $16,450 (oyster steel and yellow gold), $38,900 (yellow gold)

Movement: Calibre 3285

2023 New Rolex Oyster Perpetual “Celebration” Dial

Back in 2020, Rolex shocked the masses by coming out with a range of “candy-colored” dialed Rolex Oyster Perpetuals. The dial colors ranged from a vivid turquoise blue, to yellow, coral red, green, and pink to the classic blue, black, and champagne. The sizes ranged from very small, all the way up to 41mm on some of the color combinations. Initially the response was mixed, but soon these candy colored iterations became quite the rage, with the turquoise 41mm iteration specifically reaching insanely high prices ($60k or more) on the second hand market. Personally I loved the collection, particularly the turquoise, pink, and green iterations.

So this year, Rolex decided to just put all the 2020 dial colors together on one dial in a random circular bubble/splatter pattern. The primary dial color is turquoise with approximately 80% of the dial being covered with “bubbles” of various diameters and colors (pink, green, yellow, red, and turquoise) outlined in black. The sizes available on the new iteration are limited to 31mm, 36mm, and 41mm, and as in the past, this is a steel watch on an oyster bracelet.  To be honest, it’s giving Swatch Flik-Flak vibes, but who knows, maybe it will become the next big Rolex unicorn to acquire as it will surely be discontinued by next year. Time will tell!

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Reference: 124300

Movement: calibre 3230 (on the larger iterations)

MSRP: 41mm version, $6,400

2023 New Rolex Model: The Rolex 1908

They say a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and this brand new Rolex model which they are calling the 1908 (an homage to the brand's early founding years), looks an awful lot like the classic Cellini we have all come to know and love. It is clean, classic, and sophisticated. The solid white and black dials with raised numerals inside yellow or white gold cases create a modern yet classic look.

The watch comes on a slightly curved-end alligator leather strap with a green underside and a beautiful double folding dual clasp. The 1908 is equipped with a new movement, the 7140, and a clear sapphire caseback so we can adore the beauty of the components. Although there are many great features of this watch, one of the best for me is the size. This is available in 39mm, which for many watch lovers is the absolute sweet spot of perfect wrist to watch proportions. For example, the now discontinued white dialed Rolex Oyster Perpetual continues to be in high demand because of its perfect 39mm size. This classic watch is thin, elegant, and an elevated homage to Rolex watches of the past. It's giving Roger Federer in retirement mode vibes, and we are here for it.

Rolex 1908 Reference: 52508

MSRP: $23,300 (white gold), $22,000 (yellow gold)

Movement: calibre 7140

New 2023 Rolex Explorer 40mm

It needed to be done. After the mass popularity and also concurrent mass disappointment in the 36mm version of the Rolex Explorer, we knew a 40mm option had to be on the horizon. The Rolex Explorer, now available in 40mm for the first time, is a classic staple of the Rolex catalog and will undoubtedly be a popular choice for many watch collectors and lovers due to its nice size, better legibility, simple design, and well-known heritage. This Explorer comes only in one color, black, with an oyster bracelet, and seems to have all the same components of the 36mm version released last year. Solid, dependable, classic.

Rolex Explorer Reference 224270

MSRP: $7700

Movement: calibre 3230

New Rolex Sky-Dweller 2023

It feels like there’s a new Sky-Dweller line every year but it’s always hard to know what makes it new. This year again, the details and updates are mostly subtle but there are a few stand-out changes. The 42mm Sky-Dweller was brought back in white gold, and now also offers two new dial colors, a “mint green” (on steel and white gold) and a dark teal blue (exclusively on rose gold). The Sky-Dweller comes on a jubilee bracelet for the green, blue, brown, gray, and black dialed versions, and on a rubber oysterflex bracelet for the black and white dialed iterations.

Rolex Sky-Dweller Reference: Reference 336934 (green dial and oystersteel and white gold), Reference 336239 (black dial, oysterflex bracelet), Reference 336935 (teal dial, rolesor)

MSRP: $15,900 (green dial oystersteel and white gold), $42,700 (black dial, white gold on oysterflex), $50,900 (teal dial, rolesor gold)

Movement: caliber 9002

New Rolex Day-Date 2023

In 2023, we also see several new iterations of the Rolex Day-Date in 36mm focusing mostly around gem-set stones and precious metals. On these Day-Dates, aficionados will enjoy dials made of veiny and crystallized stone varieties such as aventurine (green), carnelian (orange) and marbled turquoise. Fifty-two diamonds surround the bezel and encrust the roman numerals as well. The new Rolex Day-Date 36 comes on a President bracelet with Crownclasp and comes in platinum, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Rolex Day-Date Reference: Reference 128236 (platinum), Reference 128238 (yellow gold), Reference 128345RBR (rose gold)

MSRP: $43,900 (yellow gold), Price on Request (rose gold and platinum)

Movement: calibre 3255

So there you have it- a detailed overview of all the Rolex new releases in 2023. Now call your AD and get on the list for the ones you really want... :)

Discontinued Rolex watches in 2023 Milgauss

Discontinued Rolex in 2023?

We mentioned up top that there were some popular models missing entirely from the Rolex website. One such model is the Rolex Milgauss, which we believe to have been discontinued (surely it’ll make a comeback in a few years, right?). We were also surprised not to see a new Rolex Submariner 2023 release to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Sub. What were some of your surprises? Let us know in the comments or on our socials! 

Images and Videos are from Rolex's press site or YouTube Channel

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