Reviews of the Leather Replacement Straps and Watch Bands for Rolexes

Reviews of the Leather Replacement Straps and Watch Bands for Rolexes

rolex leather watch bands

Rolex owners who search for a Rolex leather replacement strap have their work cut out for them. I recently decided to search out all of the available options on the market that are guaranteed to be for a Rolex. When you envision the wide variety marketplaces that supposedly provide Rolex owners a solution for a Rolex replacement strap such as Amazon, Ebay, the internet in general, you would expect multiple options that are to the standard of the watch. Well friends, let me assure all the good watch guys out there who are in need of a fine Rolex leather replacement watch band that the choices are far narrower than you would expect.

First, my guess is that you are going to want something aesthetically pleasing to go on your Rolex. You will want that strap to keep the essence of the watch. Quite frankly, to achieve this goal the cost is significantly higher than a standard watch band on the market. I chose first to find the highest rated watch strap seller on eBay. None the less, I ordered my “Rolex brown leather replacement strap” and became his 11 billionth victim this year. The strap is advertised as “ ideal Rolex replacement leather band.” The exact description I was looking for, how can I go wrong with that? It must be true – it’s on the internet, and he has so many past customers. In this situation, the herd was clearly wrong.

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When the watch band arrived, I immediately open the package….”WTF is this?” I’m not trying to deliberately down his product, but in this business, you come to understand the language of the leather. So before I scrutinize it too in-depth, I want to re-read their listing descriptions for the “Rolex replacement strap” . I notice things such as the absence of “vegetable tanned leather” meaning it’s not , but does include the words “genuine leather” but not “genuine Italian Calf leather”.

Back to the abomination in my hand. I will be fair and admit it, the watch band really doesn’t look bad if you hold it stretched out at full arm’s length. Honestly, this strap is one that will be immediately sent back or thrown in the trash where it belongs by any discerning Rolex owner. Starting with the edges are stained instead of painted in the classic French technique that our straps are.  The leather feels incredibly cheap, and smell of harsh chemicals instead of the rich smell of a Florentine tannery. To put it mildly, there is a drastic difference in quality from our leather items and to what was mailed to me. Now, it is time to install this incredible lie on my Rolex and see how far away the gap is between the story we all have been told and reality.

rolex leather case connection strap

Immediately, we are back to the same problem Rolex owners have faced for the past few decades, which is the gap between the spring bar and the case. Truth is some people do not mind it- if that’s the case, then you can easily spend under a $100 and get something  as long as you don’t mind looking at your arm hair between the spring bar connection and the case. We here at Everest have decided to sell items to those who achieve and want more out of life then something that looks out of place, poorly constructed and smells like inside of an industrial chemical factory.

There are countless watch strap options made of leather to attach a Rolex to your wrist. The real question is, are any of them worthy of the watch it’s on? The answer is frankly none of them are except a strap from either Everest or your original Rolex bracelet. We invite you to compare Everest Leather and Rubber straps to anything on the market. We insist on it!  Rolex owners are entitled to a superior replacement strap- worthy of the watch it’s on. My name is David Barnes, President of Everest Horology Products, and you have my personal guarantee that if you don’t like our straps for any reason – send it back and I’ll wear it. Only 299 days left until BaselWorld 2016. See you there.

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