PVD Rolex Creations from the Bamford Watch Department

PVD Rolex Creations from the Bamford Watch Department

Today, the market for customized or modified Rolex watches has somewhat exploded. It seems that the watch enthusiast is not just interested in what Rolex has to offer, but what can be done to a Rolex to make it more unique. The Bamford Watch department has taken these visions of what Rolex should look like to a whole new level. Most recently, the department used the cartoon characters from Popeye to create a unique and jovial design. At first glance, seeing Popeye’s arms as the hands of a watch seems almost ridiculous, but after careful review, it actually makes the watch come to life. This design is quite exclusive, like all of the Bamford Watch designed Rolexes, was limited to only a few pieces and was sold out quite quickly.


Modified Rolex Watch


The Bamford Watch Department has a unique history. It was the brain child of George Bamford and was started a little longer than 10 years ago. They note on their website that they are similar to Brabus in the way that Brabus creates unique Mercedes Benz creations. It makes sense since they customize the watches to each client’s needs but also offer limited productions of watches.  They have taken the unique PVD coated Rolex look to a new level. 

The Bamford Watch Department has even formulated their own unique version of it to ensure they achieve their goals of unending quality. The PVD is actually to a Military level! So, your new Rolex from the Bamford Watch Department actually is military grade. Also, they always seem to thread a little blue colour into each watch – as you know we at Everest just love a little blue!   Here is their website: http://www.bamfordwatchdepartment.com/.   The Everest Band would be perfect on a beautiful creation from the Bamford watch department!

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