Putting my Everest Watch Roll to the Test

Putting my Everest Watch Roll to the Test

I don’t know about you but I’m the type of person who has watches laying all around the house. Some in the bedroom, some in the office, and don’t get me started on watch tools and straps. They’re everywhere! It’s pretty much a disaster but...my life has gotten a whole lot easier being able to collect and keep my watches in one place, my Everest Watch Roll

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, “They’re just being paid to write about this”, and while I do work and write for Everest. We are free to come up with our own topics and are actually never forced to write about their products unless it really resonates with us (something I really love about this brand). So here we are today, me writing about this amazing watch roll because well... I really really like it. But instead of gushing about this roll nonstop, let me explain a few reasons why they simply do the watch roll thing better than most. 

Toss It And Go

One of the reasons I love this watch roll so much is that it can take a beating. I’ve had mine for about 6 months now and I’ve tossed it just about everywhere. We’re talking gym bag, backpack, suitcase, office drawer, you name it. While they’re built incredibly solid, the diameter of the watch rolls don’t take up that much space.

All of my watches are secured into each individual spot, ensuring that when tossing this roll around, the watches do not move. While the exterior is made of soft tanned leather (or cork), the roll is not flimsy. I can smash this thing into a suitcase and literally not worry about any damage inside. Very handy for those flights where you’re squeezing your carry on bag into the overhead compartment. Hey, remember when flying was a thing?

Stays Put

everest watch roll

Now I do have a few other watch rolls from other brands (who shall remain nameless) and one thing that always slightly irritates me is the fact they don’t stay up. What I mean by that is when I put them on the bedside table, my desk, or on a bar table at a watch event, they don’t stay up and instead just flop over. Everest designed their watch rolls to remain upright on every surface, so the bottom is flat.

Seems simple but it’s something many brands miss out on and Everest definitely has perfected it. I am keen on looking at my watches when sitting at my desk throughout the day and love that the closure flap sort of folds into the pillow slots so that you can look at those wonderful pieces you spent way too much money on [wink wink]. 

everest watch roll flat bottom

Pillow Talk 

Another major benefit of the watch roll and one that should not be missed, is the pillows. I have a small wrist and if your sub 6.5 inch wrist has been struggling to find a roll that you could actually close the bracelet on, look no further.

inside everest watch roll

Everest designed their incredibly soft pillows to feature a folding mechanism that when needed can compress down so that we small-wristers can easily shut our bracelet, therefore ensuring a very secure fit inside. I also like the design of their slots in the roll. I’ve battled with watch rolls that made it extremely hard to remove my watches and at times dangerous even because they were banging against the snaps or worse, would fall out of my hand due to force.

everest watch roll

The Everest pillow is secure but smooth to take in and out of which if you’re taking the roll to a watch club meetup, may come in handy when someone wants to take a closer look at your watch. 

Wipes clean

Last but certainly not least, the Everest Watch Roll is super easy to clean. A small soft toothbrush or air duster will be able to clean the inside without issue. The leather options are great because they can wipe down and look literally as good as new. With slobbery dogs and an old dusty house, this is super important.

everest watch roll

I simply take a microfiber cloth and wipe down gently every week or so and it’s as good as new. Now, I will say the blue leather roll has held up much better to scratches and the brown vintage leather does show scratches here and there but it looks great with that kind of patina and it’s the type of leather that looks exceptional when worn in. 

I’m excited to see the new Heritage line from Everest and have no doubt they’ll be just as well made as mine. Read more about the new Heritage Roll lineup here

Written By: KT Morales

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