Protective Stickers for Rolex Watches: Benefits, Drawbacks, How-To

Protective sticker on Rolex GMT-Master II Batman

Wearing your Rolex is something that never ceases to feel special. The longer you own it, the more personality it will take on: the more memories you will make. Naturally, scratches will rear their ugly head, and even dings and dents for those of you who wear your Rolex regardless of the setting. Recently, an interesting method of protecting your Rolex has come about. This method allows you to have your cake and eat it, too: daily-wear your Rolex while preventing stubborn scratches. We’re talking about stickers, similar to those that arrive on your Rolex fresh from the factory. Today, there are near-invisible stickers specifically designed to protect your Rolex. But do they work? If so, are there any drawbacks? Let’s dive into it.

What Are These Protective Watch Stickers?

Protective Stickers for Rolex Watches

Although these are similar to Rolex's factory stickers, they serve a slightly different purpose. These plastic stickers are designed to last a long time and be as subtle as possible; they are tailored to your specific model (much like a curved end Everest strap) and sit flush with its surfaces.  Finding the right stickers is a two-step process. You select your specific model, for example the Rolex Submariner 116613 (pictured above), then choose what part of the watch you want to protect. Yes – you can choose to cover more or less the whole watch or you can opt for certain parts. Typically, any Rolex with polished center links, which are known for their ability to pick up scratches quicker than Usain Bolt can run 100 meters, are worth purchasing stickers for. Just like when you put a new screen protector on your phone screen, make sure to squeeze out any moisture or air bubbles to get a flush finish on your watch.

How to Apply Watch Stickers

Protective Stickers on Rolex GMT-Master II Batman

These stickers are fairly easy to apply. First, you want to make sure you have cleaned and dried your watch before applying. Then, you’ll want to prepare a small bowl of water. Some stickers will come with a chemical solution to mix with the water, others will not. Using tweezers, dip the sticker into the water and apply it to your watch. Squeeze from the middle of the sticker outward to remove any excess liquid. Once the sticker is in place, leave the watch alone for a good 24 hours to let the solution stick. These stickers do a great job at protecting the watch’s surface: they’re more than enough to protect your Rolex from normal wear and tear. The biggest area that you’ll notice these benefits is on your Rolex’s clasp as this tends to be a hotspot for scratches and dings.

Drawbacks of Protective Luxury Watch Stickers 

Watch Stickers on Rolex Clasp

These stickers are excellent if you can’t stand scratches on your Rolex or are planning to sell it down the line. However, Rolex spends lots of time and money on their watches’ exquisite finishing. Despite the stickers being most useful on polished surfaces, they will definitely dull the shine, at least a little bit. The thin layer of plastic between the watch and your eyes may not be super visible but you will definitely notice less luster. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, rather something to be aware of. But if scratches bug you that much, this is the perfect option to let you enjoy your Rolex in peace.

Words by: Thomas Pinches

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