Pop The Corks – The Corum Bubbles Are Here

Pop The Corks – The Corum Bubbles Are Here

corum bubble watch vegas

The guard handed me a small bottle of bubbles. You know… the kind kids use to blow bubbles in the back yard when it’s 95 degrees outside? The guard said, “Go ahead Ed.” (He’d read my badge.) “Take ‘em. You’ll see.” So I did. And I did discover why they were appropriate. Actually, they were just right for a couple of reasons. First, it was 95 degrees out – in Las Vegas a week and a half ago.

Second? Well, it was actually a promotion for Corum’s re-introduction of their Bubbles Collection. I was standing outside the Corum suite at the Couture show at Wynn Las Vegas. Thankfully, I was inside where the temp was closer to 72, but the little kid in me almost couldn’t resist trying out the bubbles.

The watch geek in me couldn’t resist checking out the Bubbles however. The Corum Bubbles.

The original Bubbles Collection was introduced about fifteen years ago. Large, fashion-inspired fine watches with thick, domed crystals – the inspiration of the “Bubbles” name. And the modern watches are a current take on the concept.

corum bubble dice watch

The Bubbles Collection was discontinued after a run of a few years, even though it was very successful. That historical success is what drove Corum to reload the collection last year, and dramatically expand it this year.

corum bubble watch

And I think ‘dramatic’ is the right word. In Vegas, I saw gaming themed pieces, racy dials, the face of the Moon, and even a Star Wars Death Star rendition.

Corum bubble watch star wars

The Corum Bubbles Collection is edgy to say the least, but avant-garde is you, you owe it to yourself to check out the new pieces.

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