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The Everest Journal

by Aleta Saeger April 30, 2020 2 min read

This year Panerai celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Luminor. For more than a half century, the Luminor has charmed watch enthusiasts with its abundance of lume, sandwich dials, unapologetically large (albeit comfortable) cases, and iconic features like the trademarked crown guard. In honor of this occasion, Panerai has released a trio of watches to showcase their commitment to the future and the innovation of their brand. 

All three watches share the same Luminor features such as a 44mm cushion case, sandwich dial, and a Panerai unique crown guard. All three are powered by an in-house P.9010 movement with a three day power reserve. Now let's take an in-depth look at Panerai’s newest upcoming models. 

PAM 1117:

The PAM 1117 case is made from titanium using Panerai’s Direct Metal Laser Sintering technique. A 3-D printing process that enables Panerai to leave certain sections of the case hollow to achieve a weight of only 100 grams. The PAM 1117 features a blue sunburst dial with the common 9, 12, and 6 arabic numerals and the date window at the three o’clock position. Small sub seconds are located next to the 9. 

panerai luminor

PAM 1118:

The PAM 1118 case is made from Carbotech. A material that made its debut a few years ago with the PAM 616 Submersible. Carbotech is made from taking layers of carbon fiber and then exposing them to an immense amount of pressure. Each carbotech piece has its own unique look and is very light weight. The dial is a sunburst black to match the carbotech case and features the same dial configuration as the PAM 1117.

panerai luminor

PAM 1119:

The PAM 1119 is made from Panerai’s newest material, Fibratech. Fibratech is a composite material made from Basalt rock fibers. Thin layers of these fibers are put together through a process where pressure and temperature are both controlled carefully. This results in a matte grey finish with each Fibratech watch having its own distinct look. The material is also 60% lighter than steel and extremely resistant to corrosion. The PAM 1119 features a sunburst anthracite grey dial and has the same dial configuration as the 1117 and the 1118. 

panerai luminor

Each of these watches will feature Panerai’s new “X1” lume. A new and improved variant of Super-LumiNova that Panerai claims is brighter, longer lasting, and stronger. This added durability enables Panerai to place lume in certain sections of the case like the inner-bezel ring, crown guard, and crown. 

panerai luminor
Finally, all three watches come with a crazy 70 year warranty! As if all the new features and case materials weren’t enough, Panerai finds a fitting way to put the icing on the cake. And in case you forget, you’ll be reminded every time you take a look at your caseback.
panerai luminor

Each model is limited to 270 units and will be available directly from Panerai Boutiques across the world in December 2020. Both the PAM1117 and 1119 are priced at $18,900 while the PAM1118 is priced at $16,000. For more information,

Written by Patrick Bernardez

Aleta Saeger
Aleta Saeger

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