Our New Favorite Travel Companion


Super fun stuff coming at you this fall #watchfam. Have you seen the new Everest Watch Roll just released? 

This fall Everest Bands released a new style for the watch roll in the 3 slot options. Cork was added! The interior of the watch roll is slightly softer as well. With a tan interior that perfectly complements the cork color and draws attention to the center stage where your timepieces are housed. The cork watch roll features an embossed logo, and the French styled paint finish smoothly completes the beautifully crafted piece. The cork color is muted and very unique, so it stands out on its own. 


We understand the extreme importance of keeping your timepieces safe. Blending form and function, it features practical snap closures. The watch rolls still feature three pillows and the rail sliding system where each timepiece is encased in an individual compartment that floats inside the watch roll. This allows for maximum safety against damage. For further security, the flat base allows for secure placement on any hard surface. 


The cork watch roll is the perfect travel companion. We always have to have a watch roll because we always have to bring along multiple watches. We love to switch it up based on what we’re wearing and what adventure we’re embarking on. Depending on the activity, our watch choices always change.


The new cork three watch roll is just fantastic to travel with because it's impossible for the watches to clink. The watches are not going anywhere. It’s sealed nice and safely with four snaps on the three slot watch roll. Its a solid roll to travel with. You really don’t need to worry about anything getting to those watches. The cork watch roll is also perfect to travel with because its made of cork and because of that it will not show scratches.


Now, don’t forget your trusty watch cleaning cloth. It’s fantastic for cleaning watches, sunglasses a phone, and camera lenses. The cleaning cloth is definitely a must have on any travel trip. You can easily keep your watches clean without having to head to a sink for water and soap. 

If you want to find out more about our travel companions on our watch adventures, here is a link to our new YouTube video. Don’t forget to subscribe, like or comment to let us know how we’re doing!

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