Our guide to watch rolls and cases

Everest 3-Watch Roll-travel-watch-storage

Now that you become a watch collector/enthusiast, it’s time to consider upping your storage game, whether that’s at home or on the go. Our team members tend to rotate through multiple watches and always wear our favorites, so we are careful to store them in a way that safeguards our favorites.

  1. The watch roll: How many of you are still shoving your watches into a sock drawer next to some ties clips or other accessories? Removing that clutter from your life is liberating. Neatly storing your watches is a game changer with a watch roll. We prefer ones designed for at home or travel. A nicely designed watch roll with premium materials allows you to showcase your collection and add a nice interior design element too.
  2. The watch pouch: We always keep at least one watch pouch in our gym bag or briefcase. When you need to take off your watch to engage in some vigorous activities like kettlebell cleans, a great watch pouch comes in handy. Tuck your beloved Sub into a watch pouch and it will be protected from scratches. You wouldn’t just throw your aviators into the depths of your duffel bag, would you? 

So now that we’ve convinced you a true gentleman or lady stores his or her watches in watch roll, understanding the features is key to your decision.  A higher grade leather is worth the investment because it will last and look better with age. We fundamentally believe items that last longer are better for the soul and the earth. Well-made objects, for the most part, look even better with a lived in look.

Next we look at how many slots you need in your watch roll. A good starting point for the traveler is a three-watch roll. You can include a dressier watch for dinner or meetings, a daily wearer and one for more active pursuits. The relatively smaller size is convenient when it comes to packing light too. For watch enthusiasts, packing an extra watch over an additional pair of pants totally makes sense.


Everest 3-Watch Roll (the refined choice)

Our own watch roll is distinguished by its flat base (perfect for at-home use) and have a floating individual compartment for each watch for easy access and maximum protection. Our naturally tanned calf leather will withstand the test of time. We are huge fans of finely crafted leather goods, whether it’s a wallet or briefcase, so naturally we wanted our watch rolls to reflect our quality standards. 

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worn and wound travel roll

Photo by Worn&Wound

Worn&Wound Watch Roll (the rugged choice)

If you’re seeking more a fold-up pouch style watch roll, our friends at Worn&Wound offer an excellent waxed canvas version in their WindUp watch shop. Waxed canvas is an ultra-cool material that takes on wear marks for a really rugged look. The trim and pockets are made from  Horween leather, another 

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hodinkee leather watch roll

Hodinkee Leather Mini-Folio for Two Watches (the minimalist’s choice)

Featuring a zippered case an Italian leather, Hodinkee’s take on a watch collector’s travel companion is intended for watches with straps (as opposed to on bracelet). We like the simple design and plush interiors. We imagine fans of Bauhaus-Inspired watches would enjoy this stripped down watch case.

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Tom Ford Full-Grain Leather Watch Case (the Tom Ford fan’s choice)

If you think you smell great and never button the top-three buttons of your dress shirt, then Tom Ford has the watch case for you. If you fancy yourself as a bit dangerous and mysterious, you can get the designer’s logo to carry your watches with you.

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If you love your watch collection, you need a proper watch roll or case to protect them at home or while traveling. Don’t skimp here as a true man or woman of style understands that accessories make all the difference. Choose the one that best fits your style and needs.

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